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Young Hercules

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

Another discovery. The spinoff origin show from Hercules with Kevin Sorbo was called Young Hercules and starred a young Ryan Gosslin. There are 1/2 hour episodes online already. I am not sure how many there were in total but I really liked this show. It was cute, it was funny and it had that distinct Sam Raimi style.

I just watched the pilot episode and it starts off with Ares, the god of War sparring an invisible opponent and going on about what it is to be a god. His nephew Strife is lamenting being in the shadow of other gods. They hatch a plan to kill Hercules and avoid Zeus’ wrath. That is the trouble when you are a half-god, you have to fight for your place.

Here is the 1st episode. Check it out as there are 49 more on

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Alicia Silverstone on HIMYM???

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

I really like Alicia Silverstone. I think that she is underrated as an actress and has done some fine work. When I heard that she may be in a multi-episode arc on How I Met Your Mother as the mysterious woman from earlier in the season, the yellow umbrella one, I was happy. Today I saw a post on TV Squad that Britney Spears will also make a cameo on HIMYM and now Alicia Silverstone has pulled out of the project.

But here is something interesting Sarah Chalke from Scrubs will be taking Silverstone’s place. I love Sarah Chalke and think that she is very funny and will make a great guest on the show. She is even doing Hanes commercials now. And they play on her funny role on Scrubs as Dr. Eliot Reed, pratfalls and the like.

Whatever happens I am kinda disappointed that Britney Spears is going near the show in any way. This is a bad move for HIMYM.

This was speculated as rumor but is also up on E! Online’s site.

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Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

The exclusive premiere trailer for Lost Boys 2 went up on MTV today.

Strangely there is an embed link however the video can only be played at So why bother giving me a link in the first place. Not that you shouldn’t go and check out the trailer as it is pretty fun. I hope that it captures the fun and scary parts of the first movie and doesn’t turn into a very gory slasher-fest.

There is also a set of interview videos with Corey Feldman. In them he reveals that yes, Corey Haim will be in the movie, the Two Coreys back on film, back together again. The film looks like a nice update for the franchise 21 years later. I’ve got to dig back and see the original film again. I think it scared the heck out of me way back when.

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There goes the rest of my free time…

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008 opened their virtual doors to the public today. Haven’t heard of I am surprised that I missed it too but not anymore. I signed up first thing this morning and now hundreds of TV shows are online for me to watch. Some shows have the full seasons up and some only a few episodes. I wonder why Chuck only has 4 episodes up.

From the About page.

“Hulu was founded in March 2007 and is a joint venture owned by NBC Universal and News Corp. In addition, Hulu has closed a $100 million investment from private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.”

So since is an NBC property then why isn’t a new NBC show like Chuck fully supported with episodes? I want my Chuck people.

A great thing that you can do with Hulu is embed TV shows in your blog posts so when I post a review about tv shows I can embed the episode so you can watch for yourself. That is sweet. Oh and there are full length movies on as well. Who needs a DVD player.

Here is the a clip from SNL.

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Ringing off the hook

Posted by BenSpark on March 12, 2008

Now that is open to all I wonder how they are going to handle the load. Being able to watch not only your favorite shows from today but being able to watch shows like Sliders, Jack of All Trades and the lesser known Team Knight Rider. Well with that many options I am sure that the folks at are going to need small business phone systems to handle the calls they are going to get from fans of different TV shows and movies. I have a bunch of suggestions myself that I would like to give them.

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When will my shows return

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

So, with the writer’s strike over, when will the shows that I care about return. Some as early as Monday… Yeah!!! There is a complete list at Entertainment

RETURNS March 17

RETURNS April 14
INSIDE SCOOP Four eps are in the can, and Bones will shoot at least six more; the extra episodes have yet to be scheduled.

RETURNS March 30


RETURNS March 24

RETURNS Fall 2008
INSIDE SCOOP Heroes plans to resume production in April; extra episodes could air next season. Story focus: supervillains on the loose!

That is a ways to wait for new Heroes but I do have Rising Stars to finsh reading, that should tide me over.

RETURNS March 17

CURRENTLY AIRING For 10 episodes
INSIDE SCOOP Lost will take a break in mid-March before resuming the next month; the 16-episode season arc will be told in 13 episodes.

What kind of crap is that. So now not only are we getting a hiatus break but we are also losing 3 episodes this season. Damn you writers!!!

RETURNS April 11

INSIDE SCOOP On Earl’s list: Atone for his absence. There’s talk of expanding some of these eight episodes into hour-long affairs.

That is great news.

RETURNS April 10

RETURNS April 10
EPISODES TO AIR 5, may shoot 4 more

Well at least we will get an ending to this show, unless it moves to another network.

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Media Center, you failed me…

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

I went away for two weeks on vacation. I put my trust in our new Media center set up to make sure that all of our shows were recorded. While we were gone the Internet connection at the house went down. This happened during the last part of the vacation. The media guide was not able to update and the media center did not ‘know’ that New Amsterdam needed to be recorded on Tuesday AND Thursday last week. So I have episode #1 and #3. I also missed out on one episode of Transformers Animated. And I can’t find either of these shows online by any legal means. Not yet at least. I am hoping to be able to find them soon. I really need some low vision aids because I continue to miss the very fine print with my tech.

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Hulu for all

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

You may have noticed on some of my reviews of the the Sarah Connor Chronicles there are videos attached. Those videos are of the full episode and they come from Hulu has been in closed private beta for some time but tomorrow March 12, 2008 becomes available to the masses. This is an awesome thing because you can watch all your favorite TV shows online so if you media center screws up while you are on vacation you can catch back up.

I tried to get invites to but missed out now I will be able to go and get all the videos I want and embed them on the reviews of the shows that I’ve been blogging about this past year. Sweet.

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VH1 – you suck too.

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

For years people have asked MTV where the music videos went. So people moved over to VH1 to watch videos. Now the videos are missing from VH1. VH1 stands for Video Hits 1. I have not seen a video on that station for years. It started with a couple of shows. Then the whole reality show thing happened. VH1 is now the home of celeb-reality. That is what they call it. They had it started with the Surreal Life and for the 1st seasons it was okay. Now they seem to have been using that show as a casting call for their latest show Celebrity Rehab.

Celebrity Rehab is about a bunch of washed up celebs who are in drug rehabilitation. It is really pathetic. I can’t stand watching that whole station even though I still like the Best Week Ever and if I remember to watch it on my ipod, I also like the Best night ever. Make that a show and stop these other crappy ones.

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Movie I want to see: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Posted by BenSpark on March 11, 2008

I enjoyed the heck out of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. If only for the Neil Patrick Harris cameo. I think he is an absolute riot for making fun of himself in that way. Obviously now we know that he is gay but does that make his character of Barney on How I met Your Mother any less of a womanizer. Nope. Barney and Neil Patrick Harris (from the Harold and Kumar movies) would get along pretty well. Although I think that NPH would be way more than Barney could handle.

The premise of the movie is that Harold and Kumar are heading to Amsterdam to follow the girl from the first movie. However they are mistaken for terrorists and and then on a cross country trip to evade the law. This movie will actually provide much more social commentary than the quest for the perfect meal. By the Way NPH will be back in this movie too.

Also I have yet to go to a White Castle and now that I’ve given up Fries I see no point.

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