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Want a new job…

Posted by BenSpark on February 28, 2005

CMT is hiring for the ultimate in pop culture jobs. At $100,000 a year you can run a blog for… “The Dukes of Hazzard!”

This is actually not a joke. How funny is that.

Job offer.

CMT Site

Job description:

Vice President, CMT The Dukes of Hazzard Institute*

Get paid $100,000 for one year to watch television!

Job responsibilities include:

— watch The Dukes of Hazzard weeknight on CMT
— know the words to The Dukes of Hazzard theme song, Good Ol’ Boys
— write The Dukes of Hazzard Institute online blog for
— serve as expert on all things The Dukes of Hazzard
— maybe take The General Lee for a spin now and then

For a Job Application, please visit:

*The position requires the execution of a one-year, $100,000 Independent Contractor agreement with GREAT!

The job responsibilities for the Vice President, The Dukes of Hazzard INSTITUTE are:

— watch The Dukes of Hazzard every weeknight on CMT

— know the words to The Dukes of Hazzard theme song, Good Ol’ Boys, written and performed on the series by the legendary Waylon Jennings

— serve as media expert on The Dukes of Hazzard for the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE: must be available for TV, radio and newspaper interviews to share his or her expertise and passion for THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT

— write The Dukes of Hazzard INSTITUTE online blog for

— be passionate about The Dukes of Hazzard on CMT

— make appearances at special events such as Dukesfest 2005 in Bristol, TN (June 4-5, 2005)
The job requirements include:

— Must be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license — just in case a spin in the famous ’69 Dodge Charger, The General Lee, comes up)

— eligible for work in the United States

— travel occasionally at CMT expense

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Which Sox Player Are You?

Posted by BenSpark on February 28, 2005

Here are my results.

You scored as Jason Varitek. You are Jason Varitek. You are a natural leader and are highly respected by many. You are tough and will duke it out with any purple-lipped princess when it comes to defending your buddies, which makes you a very loyal friend. Oh Captain, my captain!

Jason Varitek


Mark Bellhorn


Curt Schilling


Theo Epstein


David Ortiz


Manny Ramirez


Johnny Damon


Kevin Millar


Which Red Sox Player Are You?
created with

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Lovefest III

Posted by BenSpark on February 27, 2005

Lovefest III: First impressions of the evening. Tomorrow later in the day I will post images from lovefest but my first impressions of the evening were this. Ken has once again hosted a fantastic evening where many people can come together in mutual enjoyment of having fun. That’s it, having fun, the group that gathered together had a tremendous time and that is thanks to our hosts Ken and Alicia. Thanks guys. A detailed post will come later today after I sleep some and when I can get home to upload the images I took at Lovefest III.

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Posted by BenSpark on February 26, 2005

I finished the book Sahara this past week while on the road. It was a good Dirk Pitt novel and if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I can’t wait for the movie that is coming out the day before my birthday, on April 8, 2005. I have seen the trailer and many other things that have to do with this movie. It is not going to be true to the book, this is good and bad. The bad, Steve Zahn as Al Giordino. Al is a bull of a man in the books and he can take alot of punishment, he is also short and stocky and very Italian. Zahn does not physically fit this bill. The good about Steve Zahn is his comic ability. Despite not being true to the physical characteristics of Al Giordino Steve Zahn can most certainly provide the sarcastic wit of Al Giordino, and I think I will be pleasantly surprised if the trailer didn’t put in all the jokes that we will be seeing. Matthew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt, Matt bulked up for the role but is still a lean guy and physically he can fit the bill of Dirk Pitt.

I just hope they get the eyes right, you see in every Dirk Pitt book when Dirk is introduced, within two sentences of the reveal of Dirk Pitt, you get the description of his opaline green eyes. You get the whole character from his eyes, Dirk is not a big talker, he is a man of action and his eyes reveal who he is I hope that they movie can convey that.

It looks like the novel was merely a jumping off point and the story was rewritten to “punch it up” for Hollywood. Dirk Pitt stories don’t need punching up, they are full of action and storytelling that doesn’t need much Hollywood help. The read like a movie and that is why they are so fun. The good thing about the movie being rewritten is that I get two stories instead of one. I’m looking forward to a great ACTION movie, Dirk Pitt is an ACTION hero in the vein of James Bond and Indiana Jones and I for one hope that this franchise takes off. I think we need some ACTION heroes again. They can be kinder gentler guys and whatnot but they should be accessible to the masses like Indiana Jones, but they should also kick some butt.

The thing I find so appealing about Indy is his humanness, he has many strengths and weaknesses and he’s like an everyman that we can relate to as a character, I hope that the world will receive Dirk Pitt as that kind of character and many more movies will be made.

Oh and the reason I posted this was because the Sahara Website is up.

And on a totally unrelated note last night my Dad and I saw In Good Company at the Route One Cinema Pub. Good movie, family friendly and just and all around good movie, Dennis Quaid is a good actor and I could see how is this movie was made back in the 80s the Topher Grace character could have so been played by Michael J. Fox. They both have that clean cut aw shucks look to them that made them likeable even when they plays characters who were emotionally flawed. You still root for them when they are cast in the light of being “the bad guy” even though they really aren’t bad at all just flawed.

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Boston Marathon…

Posted by BenSpark on February 26, 2005

My sister Tara is running in the Boston Marathon for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team (DFMC). She is running in memory of a teacher named Anita who was in one of the science programs that Tara runs. And Tara is also running in memory of our Great-Uncle Donny. Here is the letter that we received from Tara so that she can raise donations.

“Dear Drew and Allison

While most people have spent the winter hunkering down and staying out of the cold, I’ve found myself outside more than usual. You ask why? Well, long before the snow began, I joined the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team (FMC) to train for the 109th Boston Marathon happening on April 18th. I can say it is a small sacrifice to run 12 miles in -4 weather or snow shoe in waist-deep snow during cross training. I consider it a privilege to be able to do these activities. It is the least I can do to help the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute raise money for important cancer research.

One hundred percent of the funds raised by DFMC team members benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. The Barr program allows scientists to begin researching important questions without waiting years to be awarded large grants. In the summer and fall of 2003, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of researchers from Dana-Farber and arranging lectures for teachers and students. I was inspired by one particular teacher undergoing cancer treatments while in our program. Despite battling cancer, Anita was learning as much as she could to pass along to her high school students. Sadly, she lost he battle with cancer this past fall. In April, I will run in memory of Anita, my uncle Donny, and all my family members and friends who have shown courage in their own battles against cancer. I hope that you will consider making your contribution in support or memory of someone you know.

Together we can make a difference and there are several ways in which you could generously support my efforts. A form is included with this letter for you to indicate your choice. All donations are tax-deductible. Every donation, large or small, goes directly to much-needed cancer research and brings me one step closer to helping the DFMC team reach our goal. If your company has a matching gift program, I would appreciate the inclusion of a matching gift form.

You can track my progress in meeting this goal or contribute online at.
(I have made this a direct link to Tara’s Page)

I am proud to be a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team. I hope that you will help me to reach my goal of raising $6,000 by making a tax deductible donation to the “Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.” The motto of DFMC is that “it takes more than courage to beat cancer.” This is true, each and every contribution helps. Thank you for your generosity and support, and for being part of my team to make a difference.


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Comedian in the house…

Posted by BenSpark on February 25, 2005

Apparently Allison thinks that this item is funny.

Okay it is funny, I do tend to pontificate about my meals. I get it everybody, I am too detailed. But I’m not gonna stop. 🙂

Got this link from John, read Darth Vader’s New Weapon first. Brick Frenzy and his web comic Life in the Brick.

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Back to the Snow…

Posted by BenSpark on February 24, 2005

Well my first demonstration trip went very well. It was nice to be the one in the drivers seat, well not literally since Peter rented the car so he drove and I navigated but that works for us. It was nice to be the one who is driving the demonstrations. I feel like I am now beginning to make a contribution to the group. I don’t know where or when I am heading out again but I am beginning to like Texas. I wouldn’t mind going back out there.

This morning we got up early and headed to the airport which was right around the corner so it was a short drive. We got our tickets, I tried to upgrade but 1st class was too full so I couldn’t. And Roseanne, Peter and I had a quick breakfast at Chili’s Too then we got right on the plane. I was lucky enough to have a whole row to myself without someone sitting in front of me and so I can use my PC to get some work done. It is very rare that I can do that because I am notorious for always having the seat in front of me be filled with a person who reclines the minute the wheels leave the ground. Its pretty annoying but what can you do. So I got my work done and read some of the Seven Habits, Habit One to be exact, which is to Be Proactive and that means to choose your response to what happens to you rather than just react to situations. The movie Shall We Dance is playing right now on the inflight movie but my folks just bought the movie and I’m going to watch it with Allison. So I got some reading, some work and some play done. I’m looking forward to this weekend, what with Lovefest III mere days away. Gonna get the camera charged up and ready to go.

Photos will go up as soon as I can get them up. And speaking of photos… I’m also looking for help to get a free moBlog. I started a MoBlog for Lovefest III but will probably use it to post photos to this blog from now on, the problem that I am running into is that I can only upload 60 pictures a month unless I can get three people to sign up for a free moBlog. If you are interested in helping me out please e-mail me at abennett96 @ gmail dot com (You know how to write an e-mail address, I’m trying to get my spam count down so no acutal links with my e-mail on it.) so I can send an invitation to you directly. Thanks.

You can access my moBlog through this address Why loveprime? It was keeping in the theme of lovefest, and since I love the 80’s toys transformers I picked Optimus Prime as my name and hence loveprime. That and other names like Ilovetransformers, of Translove or something like that would send and entirely different message…

And for those of you expecting a possible angry rant from me because I got back out on the road and may have run into some of those travel snafus that give me such heated consternation, sorry, this was a cool trip that was alot of fun. Peter is great to travel with and everyone I met was very nice, the places we went were cool and fun. Nothing to complain about. Some silly stuff that I ended up doing was more of forgetfulness than anything. I got to the hotel the first night and realized that I did not have any cartridges for my Mach 3 Turbo razor, that has never happened to me before, I then demagnetized my keycard at the hotel and then left the keycard in my room one time. When I checked out I returned 3 keys for me alone. And then today I was so conscientious about gathering up the trash in the car I forgot my car charger for my cell phone. Luckily the guy who checked us in was on the ball. I would have been really mad at myself for losing that. I’ve gotta bet an attachment for my Juice battery pack that will charge my phone. I really don’t want another charger to take with me on the road.

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Tf Public Service Announcement

Posted by BenSpark on February 24, 2005

Listen to Optimus Prime….


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I want one…

Posted by BenSpark on February 24, 2005

To add to the evil tiki of liquid death that makes residence on my desk at work I want to get one of these….

Big Tiki Drive

Meet Mauna Tiki Data™, the most shaka (coolest) flash drive this side of the Hawaiian islands!

Standing at almost 4” tall, the Big Tiki Drive™ is a stylish personal storage device for people on the move. It’s USB 2.0 certified for fast data transfers and is backwards compatible with USB 1.1.

Store all of your data, pictures, music and more on the Big Tiki Drive to take them on the go or transfer them between multiple machines. Giving a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation? Use the Big Tiki Drive to host your slideshows and you’ll never lose their attention.

Once you reach your destination, plug the supplied “Lava USB™” illuminated data cable into the top of the Big Tiki Drive and put him to work. Stare into his glowing eyes and watch his expressive green “aura” glow and blink from below* as he reads and writes your data.

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Last Day In Texas…

Posted by BenSpark on February 24, 2005

Today Peter and I went down to Temple, TX to observe some demonstrations. After the demonstrations we picked up a convoy with Roseanne in tow. We stopped at the Harley Davidson of Temple, TX and I picked up a pin. Then we headed up to Waco and stopped at Logan’s Roadhouse. Then off to Dallas to our next Hotel. There is a great radio station down here that plays mostly 80’s music so we were bopping along to the sounds of Def Lepard and more. We got to the hotel and hung out for a bit than the three of us went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.00 Margaritas and $0.50 chicken wings. And when we got there the margaritas were only $0.99 each. Whoo Hooo! More pictures…

Harley Davidson of Waco at 70+MPH.
Caught it pretty good too.

Just liked this sign.

All the chairs look like this, pretty nice logo.

Wings and Margaritas, awesome!

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