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Dinner at James and Danielle’s

Posted by BenSpark on July 31, 2005

Tonight Allison and I were at James and Danielle’s new house. (Well, I haven’t been there yet and they have been there about a year now, so it is new to me.) We had a very good time and plenty of good food to eat. Ken and Alicia came over as well. And Dick and Peggy were there. Danielle’s friend Jodi and Bill and their daughter Josie came over too. At James and Danielle’s wedding I was paired with Jodi and she was pregnant with Josie at the time. I thanked Josie for waiting till a week after the wedding to arrive. James and Danielle have two dogs, Adri and Cara. Adri is a pit bull mix and Cara is a bloodhound. They are both very good dogs, lots of energy in each of them. Adri is warming up to me and Cara loves everyone.

Ken, he boycotts the blog.Alicia


Danielle and Adri

Allison and Cara and Danielle in the background.

James and Cara.

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