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Photo-A-Day #194 10/19/05

Posted by BenSpark on October 19, 2005

Photo-A-Day #194 10/19/05, originally uploaded by abennett96.

This is the sign of the comic book shop that I frequent. Wild Time Comics. Randy who runs the place is a great guy. It is a nice shop. I have subscriptions for G.I. Joe and Transformers titles. I also get the Joss Whedon penned Astonishing X-Men.

(Buzznet was down when I went to upload today’s Photo-A-Day)

Buzznet is doing some great enhancements. I know this because I inquired about the javascript feed not working correctly as of late. Buzznet is a three man job. Very small operations but I find it a very easy to use tool. I found out that it was a three man operation because I sent an e-mail stating the things I thought were strengths and weaknesses of Buzznet and Flickr. Flickr is part of Yahoo so they are gonna have many more enhancements, but Buzznet is no lame duck it has some great features too. This image will be added to the Buzznet site once it goes back up for continuity.

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