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Hooters air

Posted by BenSpark on January 31, 2006

Here at the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre airport they have Hooters airlines but no bathrooms beyond the security checkpoint. How about a wireless hotspot that works and a bathroom or two, that would be nice. I don’t see a U.S. Air jet around, maybe that big orange one is being used as a regional affliliate. That would be funny seeing the group here in the waiting area.

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Photo-A-Day #297 01/30/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 31, 2006

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Today I thought I was going to Philadelphia then on to Scranton (maybe look for Dunder-Miflin) and be at my hotel by 11:30am. Well, it is now 11:00am and I am at New York’s La Guardia Airport, sitting in the near empty plane waiting for the plane to be refueled and head back to Philly. We made two attempts to land, well we circled and were diverted to a shorter runway with more visibility. The actual attempt was probably 100 feet or so from the ground. We pulled up HARD at the last minute. I was dozing expecting to open my eyes at the moment before landing (as I usually do, I can never sleep through a landing). But instead of the bump and wiggle that usually happens I was blasted back into my seat as we rose back into the air.

So now I am in New York. The flight crew has been very nice. The busted out the complimentary peanuts and biscuit cookies and water and coffee. I suspect that there are now about 10 people left on the plane. We may be leaving for Philly in the next 1/2 hour or so. Then I have to wait for a 4:10 flight to Scranton. We shall see what happens. I have however been able to bang out most of the book I’ve been reading, Endangered Species by Nevada Barr. A good Anna Pigeon story and very entertaining. Good thing I also brought the next book Blind Descent. I’ll most likely finish that one too since I have to go through Philly 2 more times this week.

The plane finally left New York at 1:00pm and I m now in Philly awaiting my next flight which is at 4:46pm. I have to say that it is hot and gross and crowded here. Not that I am complaining but I am reaching even my limits of patience. There was a guy sitting behind me that sounded like he had an unlimited amount of pop rocks because he was gnawing and snapping his gum in a staccato rhythm. And there is nothing I enjoy more than hearing someone eat.

When I got off the plane I had already been rebooked on the later Scranton flight. Because of all the fog here that flight was bumped to 4:46pm instead of 4:10pm and I just missed an earlier flight that left moments after I arrived at the F terminal. Timing has not been good today.

At least I did not end up later than the sales folks. They caught up to me in Philly. I finished Endangered Species, a good addition to the Anna Pigeon series, good movement of the overall character development.

4:27pm – Been up for 12 hours. My last plane of the day is at the gate. I wonder when we will actually leave?

6:00pm Okay I actually got to Scranton. Sat beside someone who couldn’t read his ticket correctly. Again I ask, “How hard is it to match what is on your ticket with the pictures above the seat?” Frustration got the better of me because I thought many uncharitable thoughts. But the opportunity for me to move came up and I move further back in the plane. I read chapter 1 of Blind Descent and took a nap. My pleasant demeanor restored. However the airline lost the bags of the sales folks I’m now with. They are taking it in stride.

Couple of things to mention. I’m not talking to Peter prior to any upcoming trips. No offense Peter but your worst case scenarios tend to bite me in the ass.

For a split second this morning I contemplated checking my bag. Glad I didn’t do that.

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Photo-A-Day #296 01/29/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 30, 2006

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Tonight we went to the Fortune House for dinner. We went to celebrate Mom’s birthday, which is tomorrow. We had some great food as always. They even surprised us with a chocolate mousse cake for everyone. Pictured from left to right is Allison, Mom, Tara, Shelby, Erik and Dad.

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Say Anything….

Posted by BenSpark on January 29, 2006

Today I introduced Allison to the defining movie of my teenage life. Say Anything. This movie came out in my freshman year of high school and made a profound impact on me. Lloyd Dobler became for me the epitome of how to be a good boyfriend. I wanted to be just like Lloyd. I must have seen that movie about 25 times. Now Allison has never seen this movie. Until today. And she liked it very much. We got the special edition DVD. Today I learned many things about the movie. One, it holds up, it is a fantastic movie and is still one for many great lines. “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” The movie was the directorial debut of Cameron Crowe, the man who has given us such great movies as Singles, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, and Elizabethtown. There was a great featurette on the film and I got to relive 1989 and watch all the TV spots that made me excited to see this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie ever, you must see it and if you’ve seen it before share it with your friends. I think it was one of John Cusack’s best roles.

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Photo-A-Day #295 01/28/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 29, 2006

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This is my King Aurthur Library. Books by Stephen R. Lawhead, Jack Whyte, Bernard Cornwell and A. A. Atanasio. The inspirartion for this image today was that I watched King Arthur. The short run movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It was really good overall. A more human face on the myth of King Arthur. The story comes at the legend from an era of Roman occupation. This is very much like the King Arthur series by Jack Whyte. Rent it, it was very enjoyable.

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Photo-A-Day #294 01/27/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 28, 2006

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Andy created some paper pre-spitball art. Rondi is attempting to rearrange that art.

Tonight Allison and I went back to the Moose Cabin for dinner. Tonight we went with Neil and Andrea and Andy and Rondi. We had a very nice dinner and conversation.

We also stayed for a comedy and mentalist show. We say Rory Raven the mind Reader and Stephanie Peters the R rated comedian. There were very few people at the show. That is unfortunate because when we talked with Al, the owner of the Moose Cabin, he said that alot more people bought tickets to see the show. That probably would have been great with alot of people. As it was there was not alot of people and we were in the front table so we got to participate in the acts. Well, participate with the mind reader and ‘get abused’ by the comedian. We thought Andy was gonna tussle with Stephanie, but we were wrong. She picked on me pretty good but I was laughing so hard that my whole neck and head hurt. We had a really good night.

Me with Stephanie Peters. She got me to come up on stage because she said she could sign autographs with her butt. I won’t even go into what she was demanding I do there on the stage.

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Soda Club Flavor of the Week

Posted by BenSpark on January 27, 2006

Because I am now an affiliate of the Soda Club I am going to feature a different Soda Club Flavor each week. This week’s flavor is Grape Soda . Grape Soda has to be my favorite soda flavor ever. The Soda Club captures the flavor of Grape Soda perfectly.

It is a real treat to sit down on Wednesday nights, make a liter of Grape Soda , a batch of popcorn and watch Lost. On Wednesday’s that has become a little ritual that Allison and I have. We each pick a flavor of Soda Club soda. I make them in our Soda Club machine (We only have the basic one not the Penguin, we want the Penguin.) then I make a batch of popcorn on the stove. (I never did get around to making that Guy’s registry with my wish list for the Harley Davidson Popcorn Machine, someday). The whole process takes me all of 6-8 minutes. Heat the oil, make the Grape Soda and the Orange Mango Soda (which will be discussed as a future flavor of the week) for Allison, pop the popcorn and get into the living room to enjoy Lost.

Sadly Lost isn’t new until February 8, 2006. But I can always make me some Grape Soda . I looked for a Grape Soda recipe on the Soda Club web page but there is none for Grape Soda . I will have to invent one.

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Photo-A-Day #293 01/26/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 27, 2006

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Tonight Allison and I went to the Moose Cabin in Attleboro with my childhood friend Autumn (make sure you play Autumn’s Trivia Game, which was added to the list of Daily Trivia games below Our trivia game link.) and her boyfriend Kenny. We had a great dinner and conversation. It was so nice to go out and spend time with new friends. Well Kenny was a new friend for me and Allison and Autumn a new friend for Allison (and vice versa), but Autumn and I go way back to when I used to live in Attleboro. You know before the big move to North… Attleboro. Autumn lived two houses down from me and we were childhood friends. Recently Autumn found me through MySpace. The world is certainly a small one. It was great that she got in touch with me. We look forward to more evenings out with Autumn and Kenny.

The image is from inside the Moose Cabin. This bear caught my eye during dinner.

We are heading back to the Moose Cabin tomorrow night with Andy and Rondi to have dinner and to see a comedy show.

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Photo-A-Day #292 01/25/06

Posted by BenSpark on January 26, 2006

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This is my cousin David’s cat Akira. Akira lives with my Aunt Candy. Tonight I went over to visit Aunt Candy and help her with some computer problems. Her computer kept freezing up on her. I downloaded Ad Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy and cleaned out all the internet baddies that were lurking in her computer and causing the problems. If anyone reading this right now has not used Ad Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy then I implore you to download them right now and run these programs. There are lots of things that get their way into your computer and you don’t want them, believe me.

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Actor Chris Penn Found Dead at Residence – Yahoo! News

Posted by BenSpark on January 25, 2006

Sad to hear this news this morning. I liked when Chris Penn showed up in movies, he brought some good comic relief. I should go out and buy the special edition of Footloose.

Actor Chris Penn Found Dead at Residence – Yahoo! News

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