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Posted by BenSpark on February 25, 2006

Our Friend Maureen – Mo – of We’re In a Fight has set up her own fantasy Apprentice game through Yahoo Games. Here are the details from her. If you enjoy the apprentice and want to play the details on how to sign up are below.

“I’ve created a fantasy league for The Apprentice and would love for y’all to join in the fun. I got into the fantasy game for Martha’s Apprentice a little late in the game last year-but still chose the winner as my final pick…so that was something. Basically every week questions are asked about the content of the show, pertaining to the contestants. It’s a guessing game, but I’m sure I’m not going to be working for the Psychic Friends Hotline anytime soon. So if you want to join, just hit the main page at the link “up top.” You may have to create a yahoo id…but that’s pretty painless. If you already have an account with yahoo, then you are ready to proceed. The following info is also necessary to join the group…
Group ID#: 345
Password: reesie
If you have a problem let me know.
I hope to see you all “in the boardroom!!”

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