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Photo-A-Day #433 06/15/06

Posted by BenSpark on June 16, 2006

Oliver was perched in the cat condo. He isstaring intently out the window, probably at the cat that looks just like him that has been roaming the neighborhood and giving me a scare every time I see it. The cat looks just like Oliver but is larger when you really look at it, but if I just glance at the cat I think Oliver got out, which is probably one of my biggest worries for the cats at this time. I would lose it if they got out. It is not safe for them out there.

Allison and I tried to get to see the Da Vinci Code tonight but it just wasn’t in our timetable. So we caught up on a couple of Smallville episodes. We are just about finished with season one. It has been slow going. I’d like to finish all 4 seasons and pick up season 5 before season 6 starts, then we can watch those episodes as they air on the CW network.

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