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Photo-A-Day #442 06/24/06

Posted by BenSpark on June 24, 2006

Today Allison and I went with Elise and Charles to the York, PA Harley Davidson Vehicle Operations Plant for a tour. They are in their busy production period, creating the 2007 bikes so we could not see the actual assembly line because dealers get to see the 2007’s first. Today’s photo was taken by the guy at the door who hands out the tickets to the tour. The photo on the top of the page was taken by Elise. You could not bring a camera into the plant but in the tour building you could and you could also sit on all the display bikes. We each picked one or two and gave them a try. Then we spent some time at the giftshop picking up some stuff. Hats and shirts and of course, pins.

After the tour and shopping we went down the road to Laugerman’s Harley-Davidson. They had their own museum with their own family collection, some great stuff. I am surprised that their pin was a very lame one. Oh well.

After that we had lunch at the 83 diner. A good meal. Some strong lemonade though. I cut it with water twice and it was still strong. Here are some additional pictures from the day.





Allison and Elise

A bike at Laugerman’s

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