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Posted by BenSpark on June 27, 2006

Allison has been reading this and getting the scoop on what is cool out there, then she passes it on to me. I figure I would pass it along to you. Since Allison and I talked about renaming the blog: “Drew’s blog about him and Allison.” I don’t know I think she has time enough to hit the blog this button on the google taskbar and share cool stuff with everyone. She’s a funny woman and can write some very entertaining stuff. Hon you shouldn’t limit yourself to just correcting my grammar silently behind the scenes. Anyway, here is – Pop Candy

3 Responses to “ – Pop Candy”

  1. Mo said

    i too share in the joy that is “pop candy” and actually have a link on my blog under blog goodness:) i highly recommend it to the bensparker fans!!

  2. Allison said

    I must give due credit to Mo for sharing Pop Candy with me… I did not find it on my own.

  3. Mo said


    thanks for the candy cred!! haha!! it’s my favorite blog…after the benspark of course!!!!!

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