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Photo-A-Day #491 08/12/06

Posted by BenSpark on August 13, 2006

Today Allison and I went to a wedding. It was at a Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. There was a full size ship (Bar) in the place. It was quite remarkable. After the ceremony (I was asked to take pictures for the family, couldn’t use my camera because I killed it on Thursday taking crazy videos) we went into the bar. I first see the stern of a ship called The Bounty. I think that is pretty neat they put in a decoration that looks like a ship’s stern. Then I come around the stern and I see a three masted ship with stair leading up to the deck. On deck is where you find a bar and a seating area at the stern. I was pretty impressed with it.

The dinner was decent and I photographed the wedding party as they came into the reception. Then I was finished with my photography duties.

I guess I had a bit to imbibe because when the music came on I flashed back to college days and threw some funky moves on the dance floor. Or rather I thought they were funky some thought they were epileptic. The DJ played the AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long” followed by Billy Idol “Mony Mony” one two punch. If he busted out Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock “It takes Two” or Young MC’s “Bust-A-Move” I would probably be dead now. We even did Meatloaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” as a group. Very much fun. But I am tired now and need sleep.

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