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Photo-A-Day #500 08/21/06

Posted by BenSpark on August 22, 2006

I couldn’t leave you with out a 500th picture. Too bad I am in Central WI and have nothing to take a picture of since I spent most of the day in Wal-Mart. So here is a picture of me when I realized I left my computer power cord at home, when I have to do a double length demo than I intended upon and when I paid $116.00 for a new power cord.

Sorry Allison I am coming home bald and completely grey.

2 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #500 08/21/06”

  1. andycamp said

    Wow you can see the raw emotion in that picture. Very nice. It is fun to see other people losing it.
    Drew you are defintley losing it.

    On the bright side once you get home you will have two power cords so you laptop should be twice as powerful.

  2. Drew said

    Yes Andy I was losing it that evening. I was pissed the whle day at that mistake. It was an expensive lesson learned.

    Must check the lock 5 times, did I turn off the oven, check the lock again. The system works man.

    And yes double power will be cool, smart guy!

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