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Photo-A-Day #540 09/30/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 30, 2006

Today Allison and I went out to the Wrentham Arts show and then to Adam’s farm. Adam’s farm was a nice little place and we got some farmstand apples and walked around and got a few pictures. Here is the gallery.

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Photo-A-Day #539 09/29/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 30, 2006

Tonight Allison and I went to dinner at Andy and Rondi’s place. They are back from their honeymoon and have broken out many of the great wedding gifts that they received (you got a jump on us by about a year on that one). The photo above is Andy’s new toy. A Butane torch for Creme Brulée. But I am getting ahead of myself.

On my way home from work I stopped by the Big Apple (because I was avoiding the giant cluster that is 495 between exits 17 and 14) and picked up some fresh baked donuts for Andy. He was excited to get some of the tasty treats. I was excited because Andy not only made Burritos for dinner but scallops wrapped in bacon for an appetizer. My favorite appetizer ever.

Dinner was delicious. We had a “Burritotastic!!” meal. Yep, Andy made a fine spread of Burrito fixings and we made our own Burritos while at the table. It was a fun and relaxed meal. After dinner and before Creme Brulée we played some trivia games on DVD that I got from Target for $2.48 each on clearance. Gotta love Target’s clearances they are insane. One game was called Gender Wars – Girls vs. Guys and the other was . Both games were set up exactly the same except in the Girls vs. Guys one the two teams were Girls and Guys instead of Team 1 and Team 2. The game was entertaining and deemed worth the $2.48 but not $3.00.

Then it was time for Creme Brulée. Andy has been practicing making Creme Brulée since he and Rondi have been home from their honeymoon (we got to see some nice Pop Culture Triviaunderwater pictures from their scuba adventures too). And that practice paid off. I think it was a fantastic and creamy Creme Brulée that I have not tasted the equal of yet. Derek will have to stop saying that I make a fantastic Creme Brulée and give that honor to Andy. I got Creme Brulée Butane Torch envy too (And I know I had a whole set and returned it for some work shirt, it is my own fault, but I do have cool gadget envy.). After the awesome Creme Brulée (And the sugar on top made that perfect ‘snap’ or ‘crack’ when you put the spoon through it, Alton would be proud. Anyway after that we played Catch Phrase and were stunned at each other’s descriptions of their given words. We played three rounds. Rondi and I vs. Andy and Allison, Andy and I vs. Rondi and Allison, and Allison and I vs. Rondi and Andy. Good time and a fun game.

We had a great time and so much fun. Once we can get out wedding stuff out of the front hall and have some room we will have to do up a fun meal and game night. Bring the Butane Torch.

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Photo-A-Day #538 09/28/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 29, 2006

Today I got a little distracted with this cup.

I also learned how to do some cool stuff with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. I’m working on a video for work, should be fun to see how it turns out.

Tonight Neil and Andrea came over for dinner and to watch My Name is Earl and The Office. It was alot of fun to watch with those guys. And nevermind that the shows are so funny too. They also got sucked into watching CSI with us. This season the original CSI is the show to watch, last season it was CSI Miami and well, CSI New York, not so much.

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Free Cold Stone Ice Cream Today

Posted by BenSpark on September 28, 2006

Go to Cold Stone between 5:00pm and 8:00pm for a free sample of ice cream. Cold Stone Creamery Hosts the Fifth Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Social

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Photo-A-Day #537 09/27/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 27, 2006

The Phantom Gourmet was in my town today. That is a good thing. There was a murder up the road from our place. That is a very scary thing. The murderer was caught. So that is a good thing.

So I’ve been able to catch up on local and national news lately because I have been going to a gym since Monday. I’ve only been doing the bike and the treadmill so far but will be getting into a program on the nautilus machines.

I was in the supermarket today. I love coupons and try to use them as often as possible. I thought I did pretty good today because I got two packages of rice for free because I had a coupon. However, the guy in front of me had an entire basket full of stuff and then he pulled out the coupons and his bill came to $3.47 and I think he got some other coupons worth $5.00 so he actually got money back from shopping. I was standing there and I said to the guy, “That is amazing” It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen at the supermarket.

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The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys

Posted by BenSpark on September 27, 2006

Remember a while back when I said that there was going to be a sitcom starring the Corey’s, Haim and Feldman. Well it turns out that it will actually be a reality show instead. Read for more info. ‘Lost Boys’ Found: A&E Reunites The Coreys

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Posted by BenSpark on September 27, 2006

Today’s PVP pretty much sums up the plight of the TV addicted. We know who we are.

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Photo-A-Day #536 09/26/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 26, 2006

Things just keep popping up around the house. The compost from the dump pumpkins also had squash seeds. So the pumpkins began to grow one way and the squash went the opposite. There were two squash however one got a bit nasty so it was off to Tara’s composter. Maybe more will grow when we use that compost. As far as the pumpkins, we now have 4, they should be nice and orange but the time Halloween rolls around.

And speaking of Halloween, my friend Derek sent me this Halloween Game. Halloween bowling.

I created a Kodak Marketplace. I may try this out and sell some prints of some of my pictures. Who knows.

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Photo-A-Day #535 09/25/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 26, 2006

Today was the first time I used a Kodak Digital Photo Kiosk. It was pretty neat, very easy to do. I was using for an upcoming project that I participating in. More about that at a later date as the event approaches.

I joined a gym today, trying to get back into shape. The place is called Answer is Fitness. It is a new gym in our town and it has all new equipment. One really cool thing they have is a device that you can plug your headphones into and watch any of the dozens of TV’s that are hanging from the ceiling. I look forward to getting back into a routine.

Watched the new show Heroes tonight. It was decent, looks like one you gotta follow, lots of twists and turns. Hiro is my favorite character at this time. You can view the whole premiere episode online at the NBC site. Check it out.

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TV Show DeathWatch – Fall ’06

Posted by BenSpark on September 25, 2006

Sign up to win by picking the next show to get cnacelled for this season. Brilliant But Cancelled – TV Show DeathWatch – Fall ’06

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