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Photo-A-Day #533 09/23/06

Posted by BenSpark on September 24, 2006

I posted a picture of this 18 days ago. This is a Sugar Pumpkin, or what we are calling a Dump Pumpkin because the compost that produced this pumpkin came from the compost pile over at the dump. So it is not going to be an edible pumpkin, at least we aren’t going to eat any of them. Yes, there are more than one. We now have about six of them growing. And they are starting to turn orange.

I spent today with Ryan and his son Mason. We had a very nice day together. Allison and I drove over to Amy and Ryan’s. Allison and Amy went to a Zeta meeting and then to an event at Curves for Breast Cancer Awareness. Ryan and I had lunch with Mason and then watched some Blue’s Clues and put Mason down for a nap. Then Ryan and I went to the living room and each worked on our laptops on their wireless network. First I listened to the WesCast #3 and Wes answered some of my questions from a recent e-mail. I did some more searching for a new digital camera. I found some good deals online through E-Bay and a not sure if I want to act on them yet. May be waiting till after Bonus time to do that.

When Mason woke up from his nap the three of us went over to Wild Time Comics to pick up my comics and then to Comp Usa and PetSmart. Then we met up with Amy and Allison at Bugaboo Creek. Mason got a tiny bit cranky and to distract him I took out the camera and took a picture. That made him stop for a moment. I then took another picture and it made him cry. The light was too bright. I redeemed myself a bit later by showing Mason a video of a new VW bug transforming into a robot by Michael Smith (Click for More Transformer’s videos). I think we made a Transformers fan today. After that first showing he wanted to see it again and again, so we got him to eat his dinner by showing the video ever few minutes after he had eaten some more. It isn’t Dr. Spock but it ended up working.

Also today and last night Allison and I caught up on some of our taped shows. We had two episodes of Bones and two of Eureka. We discovered a new musician named Susan Enan and her wonderful song Bring On The Wonder.

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