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Photo-A-Day #549 10/09/06

Posted by BenSpark on October 9, 2006

Flower today. Been very busy, no time for a blog post.

Update: This is for Andy. Sorry I was so beat yesterday. I patched holes and cracks in the walls in Tara’s (soon to be our) room. I ripped up a carpet and cut it into smaller pieces in the soon to be new office/craft/and way in the future nursey room. I really tired myself out while doing that activity. Then I hauled all the cut up pieces of carpet outside. There was alot of running up and down the stairs yesterday. I took 3 showers because I kept getting myself soaked with sweat while working in the rooms. So I was too tired to convey that on the blog last night. All I wanted to do was watch some TV and relax. How I Met Your Mother was good but I’ve totally forgotten what it was about, The Class was okay and I’ve also forgotten the major parts of that show. I spent some time while watching TV making labels for manilla folders with my new Dyamo Label Maker, not an old punch one with the plastic tape. My Dyamo Label maker is all electronic with a handy cutter. The cutter was a nice touch and I was glad to have it because my hands were blistered from cutting the carpet. Heroes was a good one and CSI Miami was so, so. Then I slept really well.

One Response to “Photo-A-Day #549 10/09/06”

  1. andycamp said

    Busy! Now what am I going to do with the 20mins I usually spend reading this blog?

    Did you know that if you forget and do not renew you car registration you can get pulled over fined $100 and have your vehicle towed.

    However when you go to renew your registration you don’t have to pay for the months you let the registration lapse. For example say your registration expired in June and you found out from say an office of the law in October that you registration was expirted. You would only have to pay $36.40 and not $41 because you don’t have to pay for July, Aug or Sept. In fact if you try to pay the full amount the RMV will not let you they will bounce you transaction back and force you to pay less.

    It makes no sense to me and who by the way keeps track of when their registration expires? I don’t even know when my drivers license expires (Jan 2009)

    Well that was about 5 mins.

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