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Photo-A-Day #554 10/14/06

Posted by BenSpark on October 15, 2006

Today we went up to New Hampshire to visit Dan and Marcia and stay for the weekend. We had lunch with Allison’s brother Nate and his wife Sarah. They brought some pizza from Alley Cat (a good pizza joint off of Elm Street in Downtown Manchester.) Before we got to the house we made a stop at the Saint Anselm College Bookstore so I could pick up a new Saint A’s shirt. And we walked around the front of Alumni Hall so I could take a few pictures. Today’s photo is of the Statue of Saint Anselm.

After lunch Allison and Marcia went shopping and I went out to Toys R’ Us to find some Transformers Classics. I picked up Optimus Prime and Megatron, I also got two free scout class transformers so I picked up the motorcycle Lugnutz and the hovercraft Short Round.

After my toy run I got myself started up with Photography Corner. I set up an identity for the forum and made my first post.

Allison and Marcia came back from the store and we watched part of a lifetime movie and can you believe it, the movie starred Meredith Baxter Birney, I’m a shocked as you are.

We spent this evening at Alicia’s place at a party, a moving party. Something I didn’t realize we were going to be doing till we got there and the truck pulled up outside. But there were many folks there and we helped them get the place pretty much emptied out. It was great to see Ken and Alicia as well as James and Danielle. I took a few pictures while we were doing some moving.

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