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Domino’s and Fudgems

Posted by BenSpark on October 26, 2006

So I get into Monroe Louisiana late in the evening, the only thing I want to do is go to my hotel. It is raining, I’m driving a ford Taurus, thanks National (sarc). I have gotten to my hotel by way of a lake in the middle of a shoney’s parking lot. The Fairfield Inn that I am staying at is one of those where the front desk is in an entirely separate building. And the doors open right to the outside. I’m not that thrilled with that.

My hotel room smelled of smoke despite being a non smoking room and my toilet has yellow/brown water. Or it still has the pee from the last guy who stayed here. Actually it is the water because I flushed it and the water stayed the same color. Oh Happy Day, I am glad I ordered 4 bottles of water from Domino’s.

I’m tired, I had a long day of flights and I am ready for bed. But I haven’t eaten anything of substance yet today. And the trend continues. I didn’t feel up to going to a restaurant so I ordered Domino’s. With my order came a free 10 piece of the New Oven Baked brownie Squares. They are not good and they are not terrible either. They are adequate. Don’t be fooled by the commercial with the cute messy square Fudgems character, these are just poorly baked brownies cut into squares with chocolate sauce to dip. Don’t dip the pizza in it either, that is gross.

I must sleep.

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