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Stuck in St. Louis…

Posted by BenSpark on December 1, 2006

Well it has finally happened to me. After 5 years of Travel, the weather got the best of me. I am stuck in St. Louis at the Marriott Airport. American Airlines cancelled my morning flight and rebooked me on a flight on Saturday. I contacted our travel department and the could get me out tonight on another airline and then connect me through Charlotte. The layover is 35 minutes. No thank you. I am not going to run through another airport and barely make a flight. Making the connection is contingent upon getting out of St. Louis on time, and with the weather I am not going to risk that at all. I’m stuck here but I have concierge level access and therefore can use the internet in the concierge room. So I am going to make use of it. At least until noon when I will get Internet in my room for the day. Maybe I’ll make some additions to the new BenSpark aStore.

2 Responses to “Stuck in St. Louis…”

  1. andycamp said

    Did you know St Louis is one of the most haunted cities in America. That is right it is I read so on the internet. Drew you could take a ghost tour. It is amazing the ways people find to make money.

    Hmmm lets create a tour where we will drive you around and show you nothing. It might be cool to hear the stories and see the old buildings but sorry you are not going to see a ghost.

    There may in fact be ghosts in this world but you are not going to get to see one by giving some guy $15 and getting into a trolley with wheels.

    What is the deal with the trolley with wheels anyway. I don’t get it trollies run on tracks not wheels sure they are cool but a bus that looks like a trolley is still a bus. Give it up if you want to be cool use a duck boat to do your tours. Those are awesome.

    Any vehicle you can drive that will also run as a boat it cool. You don’t have to worry about hydroplaning. Oh yeah and think of the short cuts.

  2. Drew said

    I could do the ghost tour but I am stranded at the hotel because I have no car. I should have rented a car, but oh well, one less thing to return tomorrow.

    There is alot to do in St. Lou but I need wheels to get me there.

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