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Posted by BenSpark on December 6, 2006

Here is one idea for what to do with my PPP money. If I work hard enough for long enough I may raise enough for a new motorcycle. And if PPP would sponsor me I will probably get a PPP paintjob for the bike. Here is the bike I want, a Hyosung GV 650.

Click for a larger image.

And here is what it would look like with the PPP paintjob (well, it would look better, with flames like the Big Blue Monster) and not a photoshop paintjob that I made.

Click for a larger image.

It will probably take me a year. So expect PPP messages to stay up here for a long time.

3 Responses to “Motorcycle…”

  1. andycamp said

    So you are going to get a motorcycle which is cool and they have it painted with the payper post logo. Are you going to get a pay per post leather jacket too?

    Do they pay you to have you motor cycle painted like that? It looks kind of cool I guess but isn’t the point of a motor cycle freedom. Basically you buy a motorcycle you are say “I don’t sell out” because if you were practical you would buy a car or even a hybrid car. Motorcycles are not practical they are just fun.

    There is too much selling out in the world today. For example watch American Chopper. Those guys sold out sure they make cool looking stuff but now the show is just a soap opera. It is so lame.

    You have to be yourself live the dream and forget about the cash. Sure we all go to work so in some ways all of us who have jobs have sold out. It is important to make a distinction between what you have to do and what you do. I have to work I don’t have to paint my truck pink and put a huge advertisement for Mary K on it. Although Mary K does have some nice products.

  2. Drew said

    My idea is to buy the bike with my PPP money. If PPP wants to sponsor the paintjob and come money to me to boot then I will paint my bike to that paintjob.

  3. andycamp said

    Cool thanks for the clarification.
    I was a little worried you were just going to paint it with the PPP stuff for the heck of it.

    I will give you $.30 to paint it like a bumble bee

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