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Firefly Game

Posted by BenSpark on December 8, 2006

I was reading Real Life comics and the character mentions a Firefly MMOG (Massive Multi player Online Game) however the only record I can find about this is an article titled Fake Game Friday from September 1, 2006. The article is a description of why Firefly should be a game. Firefly was a great series and was certainly cut down too soon. The movie was for the fans and it was great. But another MMOG? I’m not sure if that would translate well, it certainly has the potential because of all the planets involved but I think many people are going to style themselves as the main characters and how annoying would it be to have to deal with Mal01 – Mal100001. I’m not too sure about how entertaining that would be.

Updated: I found this article on Wired News. This talks more about the game as if it is really going to come to fruition.

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