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Photo-A-Day #674 02/11/07

Posted by BenSpark on February 12, 2007

Okay I can understand the one Lady Liberty on the corner promoting Liberty Tax Service, but 2? Well, that is just silly. The other day I wanted to get a picture of this but I only had my camera phone and the picture wasn’t that good. Today Allison and I were heading to Stop and Shop to go grocery shopping and I saw them on the corner. I took out my camera and got a picture as we crossed the intersection. It wasn’t till I uploaded the pictures to my computer that I saw that I had the settings on the camera for 640 X 480. I could have gotten a better cropped shot had I been taking the pictures at a higher resolution. I am still learning many things about my new camera. And I love this camera so much. It is fantastic. I can’t wait to go somewhere or do something where I can take tons of cool pictures.

Speaking of good pictures, my Dad should have some when he gets home from his trip this week. He’s heading to Fort Meyers to rent a Harley and ride up along the coast. He’s been using the Harley Davidson site to plan out some rides. I know he’ll have a great time on his trip. Keep him in your prayers that he is safe on the roads.

2 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #674 02/11/07”

  1. andycamp said

    Hmm Lets see how can we get people to use our tax services. I know lets put out not one but two lady liberties. Yeah that is a good idea.

    Wait lady Liberty is the one taking our money. We are paying taxes to support things like the Statue of Liberty. Personally I like the statue and would happily give money for it but I am defintely against building a second one. That is just silly.

    Sure Huge Novelty characters are good a selling arcades and hamburgers but come on financial services. I think not. In fact I would say if a tax place has a huge Novelty character out front never mind two I am not going to go in there. Do you want a Giant Panda doing you taxes or some 4 eyed geek with a pocket protector. I vote for the geek he may not have social skills but he knows taxes. Pandas on the other hand are not good with numbers

  2. Drew said

    If you thing two is bad I should let you know that they have an Uncle Sam Character yet, but no mini Uncle Sam.

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