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Photo-A-Day #692 03/01/07

Posted by BenSpark on March 2, 2007

Today I set up some web hosting through and a wordpress blog. I tried to set up a free wordpress blog too and that one is here But then I bought hosting and added wordpress to it and that is at You see, I am going to be moving this blog eventually to my own domain called And since this account is a blogspot*plus one it cannot have a custom domain. So I cannot ease into the transfer. I think I won;t be fully transferring the site over to for another month or so because it is going to take me time to set up all the links that I need to and to get the design of the new site to my liking. But in the end it will be a good payoff. I was even called by Go tonight to see if everything was working out with my purchase. I had the guy on the phone for about a half hour, he was very helpful.

The photo is of a bookend that came from the Cape house. I had them at my apartment up at Saint A’s but now they are home. I was looking for something interesting tonight and came across these. I took a bunch in color but didn’t like how they came out. Then I messed with some settings on my camera and decided upon a Black and White look for the shot.

It is fitting for today because we need some prayers. A member of my extended family is very sick and I would like some prayers for him and his parents. Thanks.

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  1. Rose said

    You can import all your posts over.

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