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Photo-A-Day #703 03/12/07

Posted by BenSpark on March 13, 2007

Today Allison and I headed home from NH. We played a few more games with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne and Andy and Marylin. Dice games like Farkle, One The Rocks and Moose Spotting were a lot of fun. Andy and Marylin had a game called Pass the Pigs. This was a very fun little game that used little pigs instead of dice.

On the way back to Manchester we stopped off to see one of Allison’s friends who had just had a baby. Today’s photo is of Allison and little Kaylee (SP). She is adorable.

We stopped back at Marcia and Dan’s for dinner and then made our way home. The whole time change from the other night had me all screwed up.

We finally got home and watched a bit of a great PBS special that was a tribute to James Taylor. But we were too tired to watch the whole thing so we listened to it as we went to sleep. The nightstand clock radio has a TV station setting on it. So that comes in handy.

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