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Singer SpotLight: Chris O’Brien

Posted by BenSpark on April 3, 2007

On my MySpace profile I am featuring the song Rosa by Chris O’Brien. Hearing that song for the first time I instantly fell in love with it. That is probably why I have not changed it in a while. I learned about Chris O’Brien through Antje Duvekot’s MySpace profile. She sings on some of his songs.

I also see that Chris O’Brien will be opening for Ellis Paul next Tuesday at WPI and on May 3rd in New York at the The Makor.

If you go to Chris O’Brien’s MySpace profile you can listen to three songs (Rosa, Lighthouse, Hey Love) and watch one video (Ocean Stone). Out of all the songs I find Rosa to be the best one. I love listening to that song over and over. Take a listen to Chris’ stuff and let me know what you think.

I would like to be kept informed about Artist’s upcoming concerts but I find that looking at their schedules is a tedious process. I would like to have one location where I could watch the tour schedules or be informed about a week out about upcoming concerts. That gives me an idea. We’ll see what comes of that idea.

Is there a singer that you think should be featured in the Singer Spotlight? Let me know.

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