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Movie: Pirates 3: At World’s End

Posted by BenSpark on May 27, 2007

On Friday night Allison and I went to the Framingham Premium Cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. We went with a group of folks from work and had a great time.

The Framingham Premium Cinema is an AMC Cinema with a full service bar and restaurant. You can get very nice sit down meals in the restaurant or you can order Pub Food from the bar. Soda and Popcorn is included in the price of admission. And I made sure I took full advantage of that.

Prior to the movie I saw the Transformers trailer. I almost missed it because I was getting that popcorn. The popcorn came in Transformers Movie Bags. I kept a couple of them. We also saw the previews for Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard.

The Pirates movie was pretty good. I didn’t even realize that the movie was so long either. The action is good but I think the sword fight in Pirates 2 was much better, more inventive. There didn’t seem to be as much cool swordplay in this movie. There certainly was a lot of action however and it is most definitely a good movie to see on the big screen. Don’t expect anything too earth shatteringly amazing in the movie but go in with an open mind ready to enjoy the fun.

Johnny Depp turns in another great performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. But for the amount that he is in the movie he was not the full focus. The other main characters had more screen time and character growth. Things moved lightening fast and the plot goes every which way. However it is a pirate movie and it has that fun summertime feel to it. I enjoyed it and it makes a nice cap to the trilogy, however there is a possibility of a 4th movie. Why wouldn’t there be, it is a money maker and if it continues to be so the movies will continue to be made. The cameo by Keith Richards as priceless.

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He Said: Lost Season 3 Finale 05/24/07

Posted by BenSpark on May 24, 2007

Last night Allison and I watched the LOST season 3 finale. We also watched the episode called The Answers that was hosted by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. I will be posting Spoliers so if you did not see the episode stop reading.

The Answers: I liked how they did this recap episode, rather than the previous year’s episodes with voice overs. I have been listening to The Official LOST Podcast this season. The Official Lost Podcast is hosted by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. So I have gotten to know and appreciate their style. It was nice to see them hosting this episode and giving us “The Answers” If you missed it it was worth watching.

Season 3 Finale: This two hour episode was jam packed with action, betrayal, deaths and Jack Flashbacks. Yep, the entire episode was a Jack Flashback episode. Or rather it was a Flash Forward episode because we learn at the end that all the supposed flashbacks happened after the survivors were rescued from the island.

I read that Recap of Screen Caps blog post that I linked to the other day and every other thing they had Jack Crying, and what do we see happen her, Jack is crying. The opening we see Jack on an Oceanic Flight, he is drinking heavily. He is in first Class and wants more to drink. The Flight Attendant gives him a newspaper, he sees something in the newspaper and tears this out. The voice of the Pilot was Damon Lindelof and if you watched The Answers you would have picked up his distinctive voice right away.

Jack then tries to kill himself but ends up causing an accident and saves a woman and her son. We see that Jack’s ex wife is pregnant and still his emergency contact. Jack is a mess, he is stealing pills, drinking and he goes to a funeral of someone. He was the only one to go to the funeral, which was actually only a viewing of the body. Jack does not look at the body so we never see who it was who died. All of the flashbacks lead us to believe that this is the past. But at the conclusion of the episode Jack calls someone and asks them to meet him. It is in fact Kate and we were like “WHAT, they knew each other before the crash!” But we find out that this is after they have been rescued and Jack is using his Golden Ticket for Oceanic Airlines in hopes that he will crash again. He wants to go back to the island.

Okay so that was the underlying sub plot but what happened with….

Jin, Sayid and Bernard – They stayed behind to set off the dynamite charges and kill the others who were going to snatch the women. Sayid and Bernard nail their targets but Jin ends up missing his but does take out an Other with the gun. However the three of them are captured by 3 Others including Mr. Friendly, Tom.

Charlie and Desmond – Charlie is being beaten up by the women in he Looking Glass hatch. They are contacted by Ben and Charlie shouts to Ben and taunts him. Desmond wakes up just in time to get shot at by Patchy. Desmond dives under the water to the hatch and appears while the women are in the control room. Desmond has enough time to get hidden in a weapons room. Patchy eventually comes down to the hatch, contacts Ben, kills one of the women and wounds the other mortally. She tells Charlie the code to shut off the jamming equipment. Lucky for Charlie he is a musician and can play Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys and he taps out the code…

Jack and Company – Jack leads the rest of the survivors to the radio tower. They hear only two of the three planned explosions. Sun and Rose are concerned and want to go back. Sawyer goes back but refuses to let Kate go with him. Juliette says that she knows of a place with a cache of guns and gets to go with Sawyer. However she lied, again, no guns. Hurley attempts to go with Sawyer and Sawyer says something mean to him so he goes back to the group and doesn’t end up killed.

Ben and the rest of the Others – With the kidnap party away Ben takes Alex his ‘daughter’ with him to intercept the Losties. He reveals that he did not want Alex to get pregnant so that is why he locked up Karl. I figure it is another manipulation, Ben is full of them. It looks like Richard and everyone else stayed put.

John Locke – Locke wakes up in the mass grave of Dharma people. He picks up a gun from one of the skeletons and attempts to kill himself. He is stopped by none other than Walt. John has work to do and cannot take the easy way out.

Jack and Ben – Jack and Ben go off to talk and Ben contacts Tom on the beach and tells him that if Jack doesn’t give Ben the phone in 1 minute then kill Jin, Sayid and Bernard. After one minute three shots are fired and Jack beats the snot out of Ben. He brings Ben to the group and has Rousseau tie him up. Rousseau is introduced to Alex by Ben as Alex’s mother. “Help my tie him up” are the first words that Rosseau says to Alex.

Back on the Beach we see that Sawyer and Juliette made it without guns. But we also see that Jin, Sayid and Bernard are not dead. Just as Sawyer is about to spring into action he hears a sound and it is Hurley in the VW Bus. Hurley barrels on the beach and runs right over one of the Others. Sayid kills another one (With his Feet) and they they are down to just Tom. Tom gives up. Sawyer shoots him and Hurley asks why, “Because I didn’t believe him.” was Sawyer’s response. This time no getting sick after the deed was done by Sawyer.

Back in the Looking Glass – Desmond shoots Patchy with at spear gun. Charlie goes to type out the code, and ends up getting connected to Penny. Penny tells Charlie that the boat is not hers. As Charlie is about to tell Desmond there is a tap on the port hole window. It is Patchy outside with a grenade. He pulls the pin and lets go. Charlie shuts the door to the control room to prevent the entire hatch from being flooded. And before he drowns he writes, “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand with his ever present sharpie marker. He puts his hand to the glass and shows Desmond. Then he drowns.

Jack and Company – They now make it to the radio tower, Rousseau shuts off her message so Naomi can make her call. However she gets killed by none other than John Locke. Jack picks up the phone and there is a standoff between Locke and Jack. Locke backs down and Jack calls the freighter on the Phone. Locke states that Jack wasn’t supposed to have done that.

Then we end with the big reveal that Jack’s Flashbacks were actually flash forwards.

Okay, couple of things from the episode.

1. – Why didn’t Charlie leave the control room, then shut the door and not drown. He had time. and even if he was unable to close the door he and Desmond would have had plenty of time to escape. The water was only coming through one hole. The other thing he could have tried was to swim to the top of the room, get a gulp of air and attempt to swim out the window, it was wide enough, once the water in the room was past the level of the window? Then he wouldn’t be fighting the rush of the water.

2. – Is Jack’s Father Alive? In one of the Flash forwards Jack refers to his father twice. Once he tells the new Chief of Surgery to call his father and if he is not more drunk then Jack then Jack can do the surgery. At this point I still thought this was a flashback of some sort. I was figuring that this was Jack’s downward spiral after the divorce and the beating he took after his tattoos. The second time was when he attempted to get a prescription for Oxycontin. He says that the script was from his father. So, will we find that Jack’s father is actually alive. We have not see the body in the coffin. I predict that we will see Christian Shepard on the island alive at some point.

3. – Was Walt actually back or was he a manifestation of the island or Jacob or even just John’s imagination?

4. – I did not see the death of Mr. Friendly coming. However there was history between Sawyer and Tom that remains deep.

5. – Who is Kate with at the end of the episode? Who does she need to get back to? I assume it is Sawyer but I do not know.

6. – Who’s funeral was Jack attending? Looked like a rough neighborhood.

7. – Is the island the garden of Eden and is that why Jack is so desperate to get back, will something happen on the island to make it so appealing that Jack would try to get on a plane and crash again? I think we may see that the island is some sort of Eden that may be destroyed when the Losties are rescued.

8. – Why did the Other’s at the beach shoot the sand instead of their hostages, was that Ben’s plans all along or were they going against his orders?

9. – Will we learn whether Alex is really the daughter of Ben or if she is not how she came to know Ben as her father?

10. – I know why the show is called LOST, because after each episode you are more lost than before.

Some other Recaps you may enjoy –
TV Squad – Lost Recap.

Lostvivor – Week 22

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Video: Transformer, this guy should work for ILM

Posted by BenSpark on May 23, 2007

With the quality of work that was put into this video I am at a loss as to why Michael Smith is not working for ILM. Michael Smith created a transforming New Beetle and that was awesome but all it did was transform. This new video shows a Nissan Z power drifting around a corner and then transforming into a great looking robot.

I cannot understand why a guy with that much talent is not working with the big boys in Hollywood. Take a look at the Transformer’s timeline of Michael Smith’s work. He also links to some other great Transformers videos.

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He Said: Heroes 05/21/07

Posted by BenSpark on May 22, 2007

The Heroes finale was good, I expected a little more and would have rather have seen it as a two hour episode instead of a one hour episode.

So out of the past couple weeks I think we can only safely say that Ted is dead. Other than that Nathan may be dead, Matt Parkman may end up dying but I doubt it. And Sylar was not killed. He will come back to fight another day.

We did see a set up for the next Big Bad however. Molly is able to see someone who can see her when she tries to find that person. He is much worse than Sylar is what she tells Mohinder and Parkman and Bennet.

We learn Mr. Bennet’s first name in this episode as well. His first name is Noah. We still do not know what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is or if she even has a power. And I am not convinced that the Petrelli’s father is actually dead.

One thing that bugged me was the fight between Peter and Sylar.Here are two highly powerful special people and they resort to fists to fight. I would have liked to see them really facing off using their powers against each other. My friend John said that he would have liked to have seen Peter turn invisible and have Sylar hear him with his super hearing and other things like that. Making use of the powers of these two would have been, could have been great, and in fact was pretty lackluster.

So like a good comic book Heroes left me wanting more and looking forward to next season.

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Lost: Some things for you to read…

Posted by BenSpark on May 22, 2007

Before we get to the He Said recap of tonight’s Heroes episode I have some funny websites to introduce you to that center around our other favorite show that is having a season finale this week… LOST.

First is LostVivor – This blog give a weekly recap of the episode and awards points to the characters of LOST as if they were playing a Survivor type game on the island. This is a great site for recaps of LOST.

And speaking of recaps there is Ack_attack’s live journal recap using screencaps of the entire season and this one is pretty funny people. There are some great and funny insights found within this blog.

You can also check out TV squad, they seem to have some very nice and in depth reviews of the TV shows that we love to watch. They even have a TV retro section where they have reviews on Buffy and Angel.

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Movie: Spider Man 3

Posted by BenSpark on May 20, 2007

Last night Allison and I went with our friend James to see Spider Man 3. We went up to the Regal cinemas in Hooksett New Hampshire. I like the Regal cinemas because they have a cinema club and offer free popcorn Tuesdays, that is a good deal. Apparently James used to work at this theater back when it opened. I remember going there when I was back in College.we probably passed each other at some point.

The movie was a decent popcorn movie for the summer and weighs in at 2 hours 20 minutes. So it was long. There were some spectacular special effects. The story wasn’t too bad and I love the cameos by Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell. I love it when they show up in the movie.

Topher grace played a very good Eddie Brock. Though he did not get enough screen time in my opinion. I did like how they made the Sandman and they used him pretty well. I enjoyed how we finally get the full picture of the death of Uncle Ben.

What I found weird was how the black suit made Peter some sort of cheesy 70’s disco dancer on the street. So weird. A web comic that I read sums it up pretty well. Here is hos take on Spiderman 3.

All in all I liked the movie and it fits well into the Spiderman movie franchise. I look forward to each one when it comes out.

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Comics: Transformer’s Movie Prequels

Posted by BenSpark on May 19, 2007

I just finished reading issue #4 of the Transformer’s Movie Prequels. I like the set up of this 4 issue series. And I am of course very excited about seeing the movie on June 28th. There is so much Transformer’s Information out there right now. Apparently there are a couple versions of the ‘final’ trailer, there is a different one for Shrek than there is for Pirates 3.

But as far as the movie prequel books are concerned we learn a lot about the history of why the Transformers are on Earth. We learn many things about the Witwicky family history and how they are tied closely to the Transformers.

After reading these books I have an even better feeling about this movie. I am getting sick of the naysayers who are complaining about the robot designs and how they don’t look G1 (That is Generation one the toys from 1984 which is the bible for TF fundamentalists). I’m sick of people saying that there are too many humans in the movie and in the comic books. Look, humans played a role in almost every episode of the Transformers cartoon and comic book. They are essential to the story.

And for the love of Primus (creator of the Transformers) stop with the whining about Flames on Prime and the fact that he is a long nosed truck as opposed to a flat nosed Mack truck. And yes Bumblebee is a Camaro, so what. You are going to see that Bumblebee’s essence, that which made him so tied to the humans is going to be retained. And it doesn’t matter that he is not a VW bug, it simple doesn’t matter. This movie is going to be awesome and hopefully that will shut down the naysayers for a while, till Transformers II comes out. But I doubt it.

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He Said: LOST,Bones,Office,Scrubs

Posted by BenSpark on May 18, 2007

I have been busy for a few days so I am behind on my He saids. So I have four shows rolled into this one.

Lost: The episode began with a literal bang. And Jack is Back! Rousseau is back and there was a major explosion on the island.

This was a Charlie centric episode. Nadia actually knows who Driveshaft is, Desmond says that Charlie must die this time. His vision is of Claire and Aaron being rescued and that cannot happen if Charlie doesn’t die. Sayid stands up to jack and finds out from Juliette that there is an under water hatch called the Looking glass.

I enjoyed this episode and finally saw a good turning point with Charlie. I used to like Charlie before he got the island drugs from the Mary statues and began doing horrible things like kidnapping Sun. Charlie accepting his fate and going off to die was heartbreaking especially when we see how much he loves Claire. But then finding out that Charlie does end up surviving the end of the episode was a very nice twist. And we see at least two new characters.

It was great to see Jack acting like a leader and getting called out by Sayid. Nice to see Rose and Bernard are still around and that Bernard is a crack shot.

I predict that it will be Alex who ultimately kills Ben. Why, okay here is why. Everyone on that island has some sort of Daddy issue. And Alex has had the worst father by far. Well, maybe Cooper was worse because he tried to kill his son by tossing him out a 8th story window. But for Alex she has been manipulated by Ben her whole life, she is rebelling against that and she has doubts that Ben is her father. Eventually killing him seems to me like something that will happen either this season or next. Probably not this season as we still need a chief protagonist in this show.

I have been reading the comments from people on the Pop Candy boards and they are wondering why Ben moved up the time table on the attack. Here is why, he knows the recorder is gone and he can safely assume that Locke somehow gave it to the Losties. So now they think they know when the attack will occur. So in order to throw the Losties off balance the Others must strike sooner.

I am not sure what to make of the Richard character but I don’t think that all of the Others like being led by Ben. I am not sure how he got to be so powerful in that group.

Next Week we get three hours of Lost, first there is an episode called The Answers

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse explore the mysteries of the island and recap some of the revelations made this season as well as those yet to come.

Then there is the 2 hour finale called Through the Looking Glass. I can’t wait till next Wednesday night.

Bones – This episode brought about more emotions from Bones. She gets a video tape from her father that had a message from her mother on it. The tape tapped into a part of Bones that she had been missing. She was able to look outside the analytical mind of hers and see why a mother could have done something awful to her child out of love. She knows that what was done was wrong but can understand why it was done. I think we have seen much growth from Bones this season.

This was the season finale and we were left with a few questions, Will Zach go to Iraq? Where did Jack and Angela go? What will Bones and Booth do now? (As they stand at an altar in a packed church)

I’m not sure if Zach will end up going to Iraq but his exchange with Booth was very touching. And his interaction with Jack about being best man was very funny this episode. Also his getting so upset about Angela getting the correct condition on this week’s victim was interesting to watch.

Jack and Angela – Hodgens has tons of money they could be anywhere. I did like the exchange between Hodgens and Angela’s father. I’m not the biggest ZZTop fan so I wasn’t sure what band member plays Angela’s father but he did a good job in that role. Although the abrupt exit from the wedding was a bit forced.

Booth and Bones – Are we supposed to think that the two of them get married? That is ridiculous. I really liked Booth’s interaction with Bones’ father. That fight was funny to watch. I really like the character of Booth, he is very cut and dry at times but can also be flexible. I enjoy how the relationship between Booth and Bones has progressed but there is no way that they got married.

The Office – My absolute favorite part of the episode and it makes me forget all the great stuff throughout the episode.

Kelly: “Who was that?”
Ryan: “Nobody… You and I are done.”

Scrubs – What the heck! Both Allison and I were shouting NO at the screen. If J.D. and Elliott hook up that is it. I won’t stop watching Scrubs but I will be very pissed at them. My favorite part of the episode was when Dr. Kelso says to Dr. Cox, “Long list of funny things, we get it, get a new thing.” That was the best burn ever. I was not happy that they took the godfather role away from J.D. I would have liked that. And did Jordan have more botox, her face looked freaky in this episode.

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Final Transformers trailer online today

Posted by BenSpark on May 17, 2007

The final Transformer’s Trailer is now online. This is the one that you will see if you go to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 or Shrek 3. I had to watch it a few times and I watched the HD version. You have to watch the HD version.

This is the trailer that makes me even more excited to see the movie. There is one scene when Optimus Rolls up that got me all choked up. I cannot wait to see this on June 28th. (I’m going to a special advanced screening for charity.

Check out the Final Trailer.

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Uncle Rico Interview: John Gries

Posted by BenSpark on May 16, 2007

You have probably seen John Gries on many TV shows but you may not know who he is. For one thing he is one of those actors that you see in a movie and say to yourself “I’ve seen him somewhere in some movie?”

Well, last week John Gries took on the role of Roger (WorkMan) Linus on Lost. He was Ben’s father. John has also had roles in other TV shows like The Pretender. I used to love that show and I liked John’s character of Broots. I thought his character was a very good one, but I never really knew who the actor was. Now I find out that John Gries has been in many movies and tV shows that I have enjoyed.

John was Lazlo Hollyfield in the movie Real Genius. You remember, the guy who lived in the closet and won all the contests from Fritos. He was also in The Rundown with The Rock. But you probably know John Gries best as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.

The Onion AV room Random Roles has an interview with John Gries and about some of the roles he has had over the years.

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