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Uncle Rico Interview: John Gries

Posted by BenSpark on May 16, 2007

You have probably seen John Gries on many TV shows but you may not know who he is. For one thing he is one of those actors that you see in a movie and say to yourself “I’ve seen him somewhere in some movie?”

Well, last week John Gries took on the role of Roger (WorkMan) Linus on Lost. He was Ben’s father. John has also had roles in other TV shows like The Pretender. I used to love that show and I liked John’s character of Broots. I thought his character was a very good one, but I never really knew who the actor was. Now I find out that John Gries has been in many movies and tV shows that I have enjoyed.

John was Lazlo Hollyfield in the movie Real Genius. You remember, the guy who lived in the closet and won all the contests from Fritos. He was also in The Rundown with The Rock. But you probably know John Gries best as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.

The Onion AV room Random Roles has an interview with John Gries and about some of the roles he has had over the years.

2 Responses to “Uncle Rico Interview: John Gries”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Yes! He was Uncle Rico! I knew he looked familiar 🙂

    I sure wish I had seen this opp at PPP; I LOVE this kind of TV trivia!

  2. Drew said

    This wasn’t a PPP opp. I am confused?

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