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Final Transformers trailer online today

Posted by BenSpark on May 17, 2007

The final Transformer’s Trailer is now online. This is the one that you will see if you go to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 or Shrek 3. I had to watch it a few times and I watched the HD version. You have to watch the HD version.

This is the trailer that makes me even more excited to see the movie. There is one scene when Optimus Rolls up that got me all choked up. I cannot wait to see this on June 28th. (I’m going to a special advanced screening for charity.

Check out the Final Trailer.

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One Response to “Final Transformers trailer online today”

  1. Martin said

    It looks like they may have dodged the bullet that some of these robot movies got hit with in recent years. They put enough of a human element into it to create some empathy. Movie goers CAN have empathy for cars and trucks, but only boys between 3 and 8.

    Then again, the trailer may be misleading, it turns out ‘Shining’ is actually not uplifting at and joyous at all.

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