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Band: The Rebel Riders

Posted by BenSpark on June 1, 2007

Last night Allison and I went to The Chieftain in North Attleboro to see my cousin Matt perform with his band, The Rebel Riders. Matt plays the drums and he is really good, he’s been playing them for years and has been part of many bands over the years. It looked like he was having a great time playing last night. The band is a Country/Blues/soul band and they play many contemporary country songs as well as classic ones.

The Rebel Riders have a myspace page where you can hear their songs and interact with the band. Here is a how the band describes their music.

Tom Pile and Matt Slobogan team up with the areas best Country Musicians to bring you The Very Best In Classic Country Music! The Idea Is to play Traditional Country Music and keep those Original & Organic sounds that make this style of music Unique. The Ingredients are: Convincing and Sincere Vocals, the Pedal Steel or Lap Steel, the Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Kickin’ Pickin’ Leads and the Swingin’ Rhythms on a Modest Drum Kit…You want a good time? Put on that Belt Buckle and Cowboy Hat and come out and join us.

And of course I took many photos during the show. But only two came out to my liking. And it felt like a Sepia tone evening so I used that filter on the camera.

The Rebel Riders - Matt Slobogan

The Rebel Riders - Tom Pile

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