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Movie: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCATS! Hooooo!!!!!!

Posted by BenSpark on June 6, 2007

Damn Skippy! There is gonna be a Live Action Thundercats movie. And since I am so geeking out over Transformers right now I will try to contain my growing excitement for this other beloved 80’s franchise getting the Hollywood Treatment.

I learned this from Pop Candy and I am awaiting the day that we get an announcement that my second favorite 80’s cartoon, G.I.Joe gets a big screen movie.

I wonder who is going to be Cheetara?

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4 Responses to “Movie: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCATS! Hooooo!!!!!!”

  1. Cyberpartygal said

    I don’t get what’s so interesting about Transformers or Thundercats. I watched Alvin & The Chipmunks, Pink Panther & some others hehehe

  2. Drew said

    Are you kidding me? 🙂

    This blog would be all about transformers and 80’s toys if there weren’t already about 50 ones out there that do it so much better, that is where I get my news.

    I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks too but I never walked by a chipmunk and hoped it would sing. However seeing a Mack Truck pull up all shiny and chromed out I hoped and hoped that it would transform. I was 10 years old when the Transformers debuted in the US. I still have every single one of my toys and love them very much because they sparked my imagination. I used to set them up and have battles in my room. I can probably transform all of them by touch to this day.

    Thundercats were cool too because they had Panthro and he could build dang near anything, he was the Macguyver of the Thundercats. And if you can find them there are Thundercats and Silverhawks outtakes soundbites online. (Same voices did both shows) They are rather funny.

    And the comics that have been released in the past few years have been excellent additions and continuations of the stories I loved as a kid.

  3. Cyberpartygal said

    One thing I do agree is that comics spark our imagination, especially for children. It’s only when we are older that we lost that sense of imagination!

  4. Drew said

    That is part of why I keep reading them so often.

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