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YouTube: Some fun finds.

Posted by BenSpark on June 15, 2007

I have found a few things on YouTube Recently. Here is the first one. I found this by a new fun blog called SpeakerG. I think that this is titled Karaoke for the deaf because just like Karaoke the sign language in this video is not really as good as the real thing. It is however a hilarious video and this guy is very talented, talented not to laugh his butt off at himself while he does this, he is so deadpan it makes it even more funny. See it for yourself.

There are a few other videos of the same guy doing different songs and they are all very funny, not all of them are as high quality as this video however.

The second thing is a Fergie Video. You know , Fergie of Black Eyed PEas, did you know that she was Stacy from Kids incorporated? It is true. Wow, she grew up and became quite attractive. Here is a video of her with Milo Ventimiglia. Milo is Peter from NBC’s ‘Heroes’. This bit of information came to me through my friend Mo at We’re In A Fight

And even though I don’t think of Paris Hilton as news I did enjoy this video parody of her incarceration. However the girl who plays Paris is actually attractive so it is not that authentic.

And I saw this woman Joy Nash on Fox News this morning. She has the best Fat Rant ever. This woman has it right. Her video is excellent.

So have you seen some YouTube things that are worth sharing? Let me know.

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2 Responses to “YouTube: Some fun finds.”

  1. Karen said

    I saw that deaf karaoke on my son’s blog too! Isn’t that hilarious? LOL

  2. Drew said

    That is where I found the video. I had forgotten exactly where I found the video. Thanks for reminding me. I gave your son a little linky love.

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