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Movie: Man of the Year

Posted by BenSpark on June 26, 2007

I keep hoping to see a great Robin Williams movie but I think those days are long gone. Gone are the days of Club Paradise, Moscow on the Hudson, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire and even Robin Williams Live at the Met. Nope, those days are long gone and what we have now is a caricature of a very funny man who is basically doing an impression of himself.

The other night I watched Man of the Year with Robin William, Lewis Black and Christopher Walken. It started out funny with Robin doing what he does best, totally random improv. He is fantastic with it. Then the movie takes a turn. The premise is that Williams is a man called Tom Dobbs who hosts a “Daily Show” type program and who one day decides to run for President.

Through a computer glitch he is elected President and I would have thought some very interesting stuff would have happened when he became president but it didn’t. Instead we have a young woman who discovered the glitch attempting to tell Dobbs the truth. But she is being hunted by the company that created the software so they can shut her up. She has many chances to tell Dobbs but somehow is so smitten with him that she forgets what she must tell him.

This movie had some funny parts but if you saw a trailer then you saw most of them. I was not expecting the more serious aspect of the movie and frankly didn’t like it. You can rent this at your local video rental shop but fr me this is a wait till someone else rents it type movie.

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