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Video Game: Transformers The Game, Wii

Posted by BenSpark on June 27, 2007

Yesterday I picked up my pre-ordered copy of Transformers The Game for the Nintendo Wii. The pre-order process with in store pick up from Best Buy was not exactly smooth. I kept getting conflicting e-mails about the status of my order. One day it said that the order would be available on the 27th another day it said the 26th and then I got a confirmation for the 26th and printed it out, only to receive another e-mail on that the 27th would be the day for me to pick up the game. I even called the store yesterday but was on hold so long that I got frustrated and hung up.

So I went to the store after work hoping for the best. And I was not disappointed, I went to the In Store Pick up line and easily got my game, the official date for it to go on sale at Best Buy is today the 27th after 2:00pm. So I had a day’s hop on anyone else who was buying the game from my local Best Buy.

Learn about the game and watching the opening scenes at Transformers The Game Website

The game itself is visually amazing. You have a fully explorable world to either protect of destroy. You can play either an Autobot campaign or a Decepticon one. I started with the Autobot campaign. The first Autobot campaigns are with BumbleBee, which makes sense because he is the main character of this story.

BumbleBee is a scout so he is sent in advance of the rest of the Transformers and he needs to get to Sam before the Decepticons do. I made it through the first and second chapters of this campaign. I am now at a spot where I must race Barricade to each location where Sam and Mikaela are so I can protect them. I don’t like the fact that unless you complete all parts of this challenge you have to do the whole thing over. That is pretty tough and the second part of the campaign where I needed to prevent the Decepticons from reaching the Used Car Lot. That was hard as heck.

I then tried a Decepticon Campaign because I figured it would probably be easier since I would only have to blow stuff up and create wanton destruction. Oh but that was so not so. In the Decepticon campaign you start off as Blackout and need to destroy a military base so that reinforcements cannot arrive. However you have a time limit and must complete this mission before the time expires. It is not as easy as it looks. I think the second part of this you play as Scorponok and it is wicked hard because you have a very small time limit to chase down and destroy a bunch of transmitter trucks. They are everywhere and it is very hard to get to where they are.

Gameplay: The game takes some getting used to with the Wii. There are many controls to the game and they can get confusing at times. A pretty cool thing is the ability to transform at will. You can switch back and forth from Robot to vehicle in the blink of an eye, you can even do so while jumping or driving very fast. Sometimes when I tried to make a quick corner and the car was hard to steer I would see the intersection coming and transform, turn to the right or left and transform again.

With the Wii you use both the nunchuk and Wiimote to control your character. Movement is with the stick on the nunchuk and the gas and brake are on the numchuk too. Driving BumbleBee is like driving in uneven syrup, there are times when he hugs the road and is sticky and there are times when he slips and slides all over the place. I was using a technique of driving flat our and hitting the brake and turning to one side to make the corners however I either have to do it much sooner or drive slower. Either way driving with BumbleBee was a challenge.

The missions are pretty tough to start out, but that may be due to my getting used to the controls. Also controlling the camera and the direction that your character is facing can be challenging. I kept trying to fight but my back was to the enemy. I had an easier time controlling Blackout and used the technique of flying backwards to be able to target the helicopters and planes that were attacking me. And they just keep coming so don’t let down your guard. You can be defeated if hit with enough firepower from the humans.

Scorponok was one of the toughest to control as he travels underground. But when he hits roads he has to pop out of the sand. I still haven’t been able to get past the mission to destroy five transmission trucks.

All in all I am very happy with the game, I love that the actors from the movie are doing the voices in the game and that Frank Welker’s voice is in the game instead of Hugo Weaving, Sorry but Welker will always be Megatron. I am also not sure if I want to play much more of the game before the movie in case some movie elements appear int he game that could be spoilers for the movie. The game does not completely follow the movie but there are many elements from the movie in the game.

I am looking forward to playing with other characters in later missions. Also notice that the game is available no matter what gaming platform you are using.

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