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Movie: Transformers

Posted by BenSpark on June 29, 2007

Last evening I saw the new Transformers Movie 2 Times. Yes, twice in one night I saw through a movie that I have been hoping for since I first freed Wheeljack from his plastic and cardboard prison. When I first raced Optimus Prime around the floor at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. This movie has been over 4 years in the making and over 23 years in the hoping for me. And now I have seen it and all I can say is that I am still grinning like a 10 year old with his first Transformers toy.

This movie was fantastic, you will believe that cars and trucks can become massive battling robots. The movie was done so well that you will stop complaining about flames on Prime and BumbleBee is a Camaro. If you are still bitching about it after you see the movie than you just want something to complain about, move on.

I saw both movies at Providence Place Mall. The first showing was in conjunction with a huge Charity Fundraiser where $54,000.00 was raised for 4 Rhode Island Charities. This included an hors devours and open bar welcome area where Stars Racheal Taylor and Tyrese Gibson were on hand for Photos. Ryan Yzquierdo of was there taking pictures. I didn’t bring my camera because I thought they weren’t allowed and that I would have to part with it, I don’t part with my camera well. But I saw and recognized Ryan and started talking to him and he ended up sitting with Me and Allison and our friends John and Chris.

After the snack and drink time we went into the theater and got a boxed lunch that included some very tasty potato salad, 3 tasty wraps, steak, chicken and I think Sun Dried Tomato. 2 Deserts and every seat had a water int he armrest. This was executed very well. So we got our seats, Ryan came up to sit with us and he had his camera taken away because he was showing us his photos of Tyrese and Racheal Taylor. He’s got them on The boxes were either a black matte finish or black glossy finish with an Autobot Symbol on them. The napkins had Autobot and Decepticon logos on them too. I snagged a couple.

The charity event started with some introductions of some major people at Hasbro as well as Tyrese and Racheal. Tyrese was very vocal and enthusiastic. He got the crowd going. I was on the edge of my seat excited as all get out for the movie to start. Much applause and many cheers went up from the crowd.

And then the movie started and I was glued to my seat for the whole 2+ hours. There are some surprises and some very awesome homages to Generation 1. Some digs too. Some tongue and cheek digs at Bay himself. I can say this, the movie will not disappoint you at all. There is so much in this movie, it is well paced and has a great plot and cast of characters. There were points where I got chills and much of that was due to the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen.

Directly after the showing we exited the way we had come and we were all given a gift bag that contained a spinning lollipop, a Legends size transformers (I got BumbleBee, Allison got Ratchet), and we all got a Mr. Potato Head Optimus Prime. These items were all part of the ticket donation price. Hasbro went all out for the event.

After the first showing I went right back and saw the second showing with the BotCon 2007 attendees. I have to say, the excitement was much higher from the people at the charity event than there was from the BotCon 2007 attendees. It really was. I flew solo for the second showing and enjoyed the heck out of the movie a second time. I was again glued to my seat, got the same chills at the same parts. It held up for a second viewing.

After the movie I hung out with the crew, thanks to an invite from Ryan, and some of the IDW guys. This movie will become a huge summer blockbuster. It already sold out 8,000 tickets in 8 minutes in LA. Do yourself a favor and certainly mae sure you see this in a theater. It is loud, funny, visually amazing and the wildest ride of the summer.

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8 Responses to “Movie: Transformers”

  1. Sparky said

    He’s not joking people, this is a GREAT movie!!! I think even the girls will find something to love in this movie! (goodness, my husband’s geekiness is rubbing off on me!!!)

  2. Jay said

    Glad you had a great time watching the movie, and hope you have as much fun at Hasbro. Very cool post. Talk to ya later.

  3. Christine said

    Thanks for the review…the movie does sound fantastic. I definitely want to see it. I usually just wait for the DVD, but you’re probably right in that this should be first seen in the theater.

    I just HAD to Google “Optimus Prime Mr. Potato Head”, because I was dying to see what it looks like. Now I think I want one!

  4. Drew said

    Allison is right there is something for everyone in this movie. Thanks for the comments folks. I will be posting pictures from Hasbro later today.

  5. Christine said

    Mike and I did go and see “Transformers” today, and we loved it. Mike was not familiar with the Transformers at all, and I only knew of the cartoon show from the 80’s. But I figured he’d like this sort of sci-fi/action movie, and I was right.

    Although we will probably buy the DVD when it comes out, it just won’t be the same as seeing it on the big screen.

    Definitely a fun movie, and well worth going to see. Thanks again for the recommendation!

  6. Drew said

    Glad you enjoyed the movie, It was much more than a toy movie. In fact it wasn’t a toy movie at all. It was a solid action movie.

  7. Ryan said

    That was sure a fun evening. Of the 11 times that I saw it, this was the one that was the most magical and emotional for me. It was great meeting you and your friends. Did you guys have your little one yet? Hope things are going well for you and your family.

  8. Drew said

    Hi Ryan, That night was the only one that I saw the movie so far and it was the best night for me too. Yes we did have our baby girl, Eva. She is a joy and a future fan of the Transformers. You should check out these pictures

    I meant to send them to you.

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