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Transformers Collector’s Club

Posted by BenSpark on July 3, 2007

I am a part of the Official Transformers Collector’s Club. The club is going into the 4th year, I think. I signed up in 2003 at my first BotCon convention. At that time it was renamed The Official Transformers Collectors Club Convention or something like that. But BotCon sounds much better. OFTCCC just didn’t roll off the tongue. Anyway I joined the club and I expect that with the movie starting to hit theaters tonight and tomorrow there are going to be a bunch more fans signing up.

The guys who run the TCC (See that rolls better) are doing a wonderful job, they got us some great repaints and re-molds of characters, the convention set this year was phenomenal. And it will only get better as more people join the club, more exclusives, more content, more fun. So if you are a fan and have put off joining the club why not sign up today, membership is $40.00 a year, you get a discount on Botcon, a free figure each year, 6 magazines each year as well. It is a really good deal for fans.

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