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TV Show: Burn Notice: Pilot & Identity

Posted by BenSpark on July 7, 2007

First let me state that I appreciate that USA networks plays the heck out of their shows. And for this reason I was able to see the Pilot and first Episode: Identity of Burn Notice. You may recall that I wrote about Burn Notice as a PPP campaign. I was paid to write about that and I was sincere in my excitement of seeing this show. However the Pilot episode came on last Thursday when I was seeing the Transformers Movie Twice. I forgot to set the VCR. (I refuse to get TiVO, I can program a VCR dang it, I just don’t always remember). So I missed it.

But today while on vacation I saw that the episode Identity and the Pilot episode was also on. And let me tell you the show is a pretty fun ride. I love the character of Michael Westen as well as Sam and Fiona. Michael’s mother is pretty fun too.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Burn Notice is about a CIA agent who receives a ‘Burn Notice’ and what that means in the spy business is that you are completely cut off. Your assets are frozen, your credit is ruined and you are basically stuck where you are dumped. Michael was dumped in Miami. And Miami is where a friend named Sam ended up, Sam is an ex military guy and he is also observing and reporting on Michael. And Michael knows it. Sam also helps Michael out with the ‘jobs’ that Michael does.

How else can I describe this show. Well, you take one part McGuyver, one part The Equalizer, an equal part A-Team and blend it with some Moonlighting and you have yourself Burn Notice.

The Pilot episode introduces us to Michael, his mother, Sam, Fiona and the government agents watching Michael. We also meet a drug dealer named Sugar who attempts to intimidate Michael. Michael is not easily intimidated. I think the part of the episode that I liked the most was the final meeting between Michael and Sugar. The show goes along and is narrated once in a while by Michael. I like this kind of storytelling. It is very funny.

The second episode Michael and crew help some Miami retiree’s with a con artist. I liked how Michael not only got all the money back but he put a big hurt on the con man. Allison also liked the show as did her father. I will be making sure that this show is taped all summer long.

10 Responses to “TV Show: Burn Notice: Pilot & Identity”

  1. Mark@CreditCards said

    I wanted to see this. I didn’t even Tivo this pilot episode. I am going to punch myself. I have the ability to do it and I never do. This just goes to show how lazy I have become. 🙂

  2. Drew said

    Don’t worry to much about it Mark, set the Tivo and I bet it picks up another rebroadcast of the Pilot and Identity. Remember that the show is on Thursdays at 10:00pm.

  3. BrettBum said

    I saw the show on Saturday and it was really good. Definitely going to watch it all summer.

    I was pleasantly surprised and even more so with the inclusion of Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness)

  4. Drew said

    I love seeing Bruce Campbell in anything, he is so funny. I love the new old spice commercials.

  5. Alex said

    I prefer a Tivo, not a VCR. Less hassle.
    Thanks for the review. Didn’t see it yet, but I’m always a sucker for new tv series. I’ll make sure to watch it.

  6. Drew said

    I’ve never used a TIVO but I hear that many people like them. I intend to add a computer to our media center to use that to record programs in the future.

  7. Michael said

    Yeah thats a good point you make. Its always nice to be able to watch something you missed.

  8. Drew said

    Thanks Michael, I hate to forget to tape things. I wanted to start watching standoff when it came back on the air but it came back without any advertising at all and I have missed 6 episodes so far. Luckily I can watch them all online.

  9. Elizabeth said

    Wasn’t Burn Notice good? I’ve got it set to a Series Recording on our DVR. Michael Westen kicks butt!

  10. Drew said

    Michael is a great character and I look forward to each week’s episode. I am very excited about this series.

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