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TV Show: Burn Notice: Old Friends

Posted by BenSpark on July 13, 2007

The one thing that struck me about Burn Notice last evening is, “How does Michael Westen afford those suits?” I mean, he was burned, left with nothing and was dropped in Miami. He has nothing, so how does he get his wardrobe? This puzzles me even now.

However it did not prevent me from enjoying the episode last night. I am truly beginning to enjoy this show for the humor and the action. I thought of another show that this feels like at times and that was the TV show Pretender. Each week on that show Jared would become someone else and right a wrong by giving the bad guy a taste of his own medicine. However that person usually did not end up dead. Michael uses technology to really screw with the bad guy in each episode.

I know what happened to Alex Tully’s car from Drive, it ended up in Michael Westen’s mother’s garage. Westen ends up with some wheels by the end of the show in that of an old Charger that was his father’s. We learn more about the relationship between Michael and his father. Each episode learning more about what makes Michael tick is what makes this show work for me. We see him as a calm cool spy who can handle himself in any situation and then we see his relationships and how human he really is.

On this episode we see Michael working on two things. First he is trying to find out who burned him and he attempts to locate an Egyptian spy whose life he saved in the past. Of course this is a theme that will be central to the entire season’s story. Westen is out and he wants to be back in.

The second issue that Michael deals with this week is for his landlord Oleg. Oleg’s top waitress hasn’t come to work because she is being harassed. Of course this being a show about a super spy the guy harassing the woman isn’t just some Joe schmo. Nope, he is a drug lord with the Columbian cartel. And because that is the case this is not going to be a walk in the park.

The way that Michael rigs up a security system as well as a surveillance system is perfect. I loved the part where Sam and Fi were getting the Drug Lord to say certain things over the phone. Then the fake tape was a work of genius. But again, if Michael has no money how is he getting all of his equipment? I know he steals cars, and his explanation for that was priceless. But basic necessities and the gear that he comes by, how does he do it?

I also enjoy the interaction between Michael and Fi and Michael and Sam and Michael and his mother. The supporting characters in this show are great and certainly get a chance to steal scenes. Fi was great with the Moltov Cocktails, her aim was a bit off but she certainly had enthusiasm. Sam’s meeting with the Feds was good too where he tries to get some beer from them. And when Michael’s mother is making a salad and smoking directly over the salad that was a good part as well. And Michael’s little quips as well has his voiceovers are really what shines. As Michael is running away from the security people in the hotel and he keeps getting locked doors be says, “This is a fire hazard” as he tries multiple doors. It is the way he delivers lines is very good. If you haven’t started watching Burn Notice on USA it is time you tried the show. I’m sure you can catch up as repeats are played.

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