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Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Posted by BenSpark on July 31, 2007

Last night Allison and I went to the movies to see the fifth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ll first state that I finished the 7th book and much of what I read into the movie was influenced by the book. Allison has not finished the 7th book and many other people haven’t either so no spoilers in the comments please.

We went to the movie because I had won two tickets from Fandango. I also had $10.00 in concession cash. So it was a cheap night for us out of pocket, only $10.00 (concessions are ridiculously priced). There were still many kids in the theater, even on a random Monday night. But it the summer so that should have been expected.

There was one little kid who was much too young to be at this movie who sat directly behind us and asked a million and one questions. At first it was really annoying but after a while it grew on me. And sometimes it was pretty funny. I must be mellowing.

The movie itself was visually amazing as each of the HP movies have been. I found that this one was less CGI overkill. I didn’t really like the whole werewolf parts of HP3, thought they looked ridiculous. The only thing that was overly CGI for me was Grawp. But that scene where he meets the kids is nice. So funny seeing how jealous Ron kept getting when other boys were interested in Hermione.

The kids have grown up even more since the last movie and that is very evident int he series of flashbacks that Harry has while Voldermort enters his mind and when Snape does as well. There were quite a few good scene with Snape and he should get much more screentime int he next movie. Alan Rickman plays Snape so well.

The casting in the movie was once again fantastic, Luna Lovegood’s casting was terrific. The girl who played her was awesome and made me believe that she was in fact, Luna.

The movie is extremely fast paced and doesn’t do a good job of introducing us to the Order and all the new faces. Tonks pops up once in a while but mostly for comic relief. I would have liked to see the members of the order get more screen time as well.

The movie left out that Ron and Ginny were now prefects. Allison alerted me to that one. They could have at least given them prefect badges or something.

I felt a cheer go up everything Neville was on screen. I can’t say much more than that without giving up much from the 7th book. Either way I think Neville is great.

There was no explanation of where the Weasley twins got all the jokes and firecrackers and things. The Weasley Wizard Wheezes was never explained. Just little thing that could have been thrown in to explain that they had a dream of opening a joke shop.

The casting for Umbridge and the way that role was played was excellent. I know that in the book they called her toad face and she was supposed to be fat and ugly. But she was much more sinister as a very well put together and ‘proper’ lady. It made the evil and sadistic things she did all the more twisted. The room full of kitty cat pictures on plates was very funny.

I loved the room of requirement. I loved the piece with Harry and Neville in front of the mirror. That was some good character insight into Neville. I can’t wait to see who they cast for Neville’s grandmother.

I did enjoy the return of the Dursleys. It looked like Uncle Vernon was going to explode. Dudley and The Dementor was cool. Of course it wasn’t quite explained what was going to happen to him now.

While everyone was casting Patronuses it was cool to see what forms each one took.

And I think the end would have been fantastic in 3D. Oh well, maybe that will be an option on the DVD.

All in all it was a decent movie and told the story, albeit cut down to bare bones.

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