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Coming Soon: The Office 1 hour Season Premiere

Posted by BenSpark on August 30, 2007

I really missed The Office over the summer. Not enough to go to see the terrible Evan Almighty but enough to eat up anything new from The Office like this What I did on my summer vacation promo.

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Movie: SuperBad

Posted by BenSpark on August 29, 2007

SuperBad had some laugh out loud funny parts. Mostly filled with crude humor and dialogue. Not to give anything away but the movie ended as I suspected it would. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it was expected.

Probably my favorite parts were with the character of Fogle “McLovin” his scenes with Seth Rogan and the other cop were hilarious.

Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth, were pretty true to a co-dependant couple of best friends. The story was really a journey as they came to terms with being separated by college. That was handled really well. Despite an obscene amount of crude language the story although with a predictable ending was a good one.

The story makes me think about the movie Mallrats in that you have two friends one who is pretty straight laced and the other who is constantly pushing buttons and the other’s limits. Then you have a trio of side characters there for comic relief along with a bully who gets his comeuppance And don’t forget the long suffering and very attractive ladies who were the objects of their affection. While Mallrats comes out on top for better dialog SuperBad comes across with more real characters.

SuperBad was a good movie, I laughed my ass of at certain parts and cringed at others. It captured the high school misfits really well.

Before the movie there was a trailer for a couple of movies. There was an all new and better trailer for National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I got a better understanding of what the movie is about and am looking forward to seeing it.

There was also a little behind the scenes thing about the new NBC series The Bionic Woman. I have to say, that looks like something I am going to want to watch.

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Movie: Rush Hour 3

Posted by BenSpark on August 25, 2007

I wouldn’t rush out to see this movie. I loved the first Rush Hour movie and liked the team of Tucker and Chan, the first time around. It was fresh and new but like each one after it the script relied to heavily on the stereotypes to get the laugh. We’ve seen it all before. And I have been a Jackie Chan fan for some time now. I used to eat up everything that Jackie did. His stunts were amazing. In this movie it was just Hollywood. No stunt in this movie made me go, Oh Wow. And one major stunt was utterly ridiculous and completely Sugar coated Hollywood.

That’s it, no more Rush Hour movies for me. I’ll stick with the first one and be done with it.

However I did like that they brought back characters from the first movie. Ambassador Han and his daughter Soo Yung, but only the same actor for Ambassador Han. I;m not even sure if I liked that so mcuh, because once again you got some old guys who is a trusted friend of the ambassador who is pulling a double deal.

Argh, it is so played out, Jackie give us something new.

Here is a comic that best describes Rush Hour 3.

Multiplex – Comic 155 Every Little Bit Counts

Joe Loves Crappy Movies – Rush Hour 3

Theater Hopper- I Won’t Raise You.

So I saw the movie despite reading each of these comics. I wanted to see SuperBad but was too busy blogging when the movie started that I had to pick something that started later. But I will see SuperBad, oh yes I will see it.

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TV Show: Rescue Me: High

Posted by BenSpark on August 23, 2007

I think that the episodes where Tommy gets to go a lot of talking are some of the best ones, last night was no exception. The episode started out with the “family” AA meeting. This was a riot as the group spiraled into insanity quickly. The mention of a full bottle of Makers Mark send Teddy on search for the fictional bottle. Why Sean is even there is ridiculous. He is a mess as we see more clearly later as he tries to become and alcoholic. I think we saw him get three beers into his bender and pass out spilling the 3rd half drunk beer in his lap.

Lou’s cousin (played by Artie Lang) has managed to snag himself a waitress and is seeing her regularly. The scenes with Tommy and Lou walking through a building that has been gutted by fire were some of the best scenes all night and the way that they moved through the building as a continuous trip stopping to talk to the other firefighters was very funny as well.

And we also get a Tommy rant at the table in the firehouse. Why he took of his shirt was beyond me. Then being confronted by a ghost about his prayers. I couldn’t tell who it was however. Then later in the confessional. Hysterical.

Mikey is still mopey but has prospects are looking up, kinda.

Franco has an insider to help him get back with his girlfriend, this won’t end well.

Janet has a new job and the baby is being shuttled back and forth between she and the oldest daughter. Tommy has a plan to get the baby back to Sheila though.

The scene between Tommy and Mick was one of the more powerful ones. It showed that Mick isn’t as perfect as he has been portrayed. I think he needs to talk to Tommy so he can reaffirm his own convictions because he can see what not doing that might lead him.

All in all I enjoyed the show, and especially enjoyed the father revealing that Tommy was afraid of heights. then seeing Tommy have to be the one to get some guy off a window washing unit 35 flights up. and now I just got why they titled this episode high.

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TV Show: The Office: Can’t wait for new season…

Posted by BenSpark on August 21, 2007

If you are like me then you are probably a fan of The Office. And summer hiatus is dragging on and you want to see new episodes. Well they won’t be on for a while but instead you can watch this clever little clip with the Dunder Mifflin crew doing the Bourne Ultimatum Trailer.

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So, which Transformer are you?

Posted by BenSpark on August 18, 2007

This should come as no shock to anyone.

Take the Transformers Quiz

Take the test, let me know who you are?

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TV Show: Rescue Me: Solo & Animal

Posted by BenSpark on August 16, 2007

I am pretty behind on my recaps and thoughts on Rescue Me.

First the Episode titled Solo. Tommy comes home without the baby. This leaves the viewer to wonder exactly what Tommy did with the baby. Janet wants to know as well. Tommy tells her all the possible options and even says that he dropped the baby in the river. But this si Rescue me and we are not going to have out antihero doing something that he could never come back from. Nope Tommy gave the baby to Sheila in exchange for 1/2 million dollars or so. Janet goes nuts and she and tommy fight in the kitchen and eventually Tommy is tossed onto the kitchen table and breaks it. Janet leaves.

The best part of that was the phone call that Tommy makes to the firehouse, that makes for great gossip and speculation for the guys. We needed some comic relief after the opening. But then we are led to believe that Tommy drinks again. He doesn’t but he is so far gone that all the ghosts that he has been seeing for the past several years all give up on him and leave. And Tommy is Solo.

Other parts of this episode that were good was Tommy trashing the apartment trying to save the burning ghost of his brother, he was so messed up. Some of the other ghosts are playing cards and one with his back to us was clearly meant to be Jerry, the Chief.

Tommy’s date was funny, that girl was a mess. Tommy leaving the date to go rescue someone was very cool. And then Gina Gershon giving Tommy the number was funny as the Chief’s daughter is all kerfuffled. When Mick talked to Sean about doing an intervention with Maggie and Sean starts writing his list right away was a riot.

Last night’s episode was awesome. Janet and Tommy’s youngest daughter steal baby Elvis/Wyatt from Sheila. Sheila kicking the car was good. The family AA meeting idea and the whole intervention scene was very funny. Sean taking out notebook after notebook of issues with Maggie. The Cut Scenes to Pops and his lines. Teddy’s wife laying it all out on the line, man that was great.

The tough scenes to take were Mikey spiraling into depression and attempting suicide. However he screws it up and gets razor blade cuts all over his buttocks. That is what I like about this show they can get all serious and turn things on its ear. When Tommy came to check on Mikey was some of the best stuff all season. For one thing Tommy got to rant, and Tommy rants are the best. Allison and I both collectively gasped as he started drinking and smoking. We were shocked. But strangely it felt this we were seeing the real Tommy Gavin again.

When he jumped off the building I was thinking this must be some sort of dream. But what a dramatic way to tell the audience that Tommy was not, in fact, drinking alcohol but rather he replaced the vodka with water. Just an excellent scene between Tommy and Mikey.

Yeah, I am firmly back on the Rescue Me bandwagon.

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Super Bowl Commercials

Posted by BenSpark on August 15, 2007

Some of the most money spent on the Super Bowl each year is done on the commercials. Why is it that we watch the Super Bowl Commercials but the rest of the year we want to fast forward through them all. I think it is because they are innovative. And one of the more innovative things that I have seen this year is a group called My Bowl who are trying to get the funding for a Super Bowl commercial and they are using the power of the internet to get it. They are also going to use Internet personalities in the commercial itself. I could be one of those personalities.

Hot on the heels of the FuelMyBlog/Gizfolio contest is the FuelMyBlog/ contest. This contest is for the chance to win a trip to California to see the taping of a Super Bowl Ad and possibily be in it. This contest has been narrowed down to 10 finalists and it it up to a vote to determine the winner. Voting can take place once a day from August 15 through August 23rd. So now my fate is in your hands alone. I can only vote once a day and I don’t think that my votes alone are going to cut it. So I need you to please go to FuelMyBlog, log in and please vote for me each day from today till the 23rd of August. (If you don’t have a FuelMyBlog account it is very easy to set up.

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TV: Last Comic Standing 08/08/07

Posted by BenSpark on August 9, 2007

I watched Last Comic standing last night and it was somewhat amusing. It was interesting to see who really bombed in the challenge rounds. I can’t tell you many of the names of the comedians but I like John Reep, and Gerry Dee. It was tough to watch Gerry get trounced in the challenge round. His comedy act is solid and I am hoping for big things from him. John Reep had way more range than I gave him credit for and he is someone to look to for big things to come. And Matt, when he won I was so happy because I find his comedy very very funny.

Host Bill Bellamy does a good job as host and I like him better than the previous two hosts. Sorry Anthony Clark. I also like how the votes are done in various places and not always the same location. It is also interesting that the comics do not live in one house anymore. I’m not sure about their accommodations either.

Sorry Doug Benson but your comedy is much better suited for things like Best Week Ever. It doesn’t translate well to stand-up, at least not for me.

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Amazing Video

Posted by BenSpark on August 8, 2007

Last night Allison and I watched a show called icaught on ABC. It was hosted by Bill Weir. It is footage of a pride of lions attacking a baby buffalo. You may think me cruel for posting this but it truly is amazing. Trust me I am not bloodthirsty and showing you something awful. One of the most watched videos on You Tube too.


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