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TV Show: Resuce Me: Seven

Posted by BenSpark on August 2, 2007

Rescue Me has sucked me back in. Last night’s opening scenes gave me goose bumps. Allison and I sat there watching the opening and we were riveted to the screen. For All of the things that Tommy has going against him (mostly because of his own faults and failing) he is still a hero firefighter. I really thought that the new Sean would have had much more respect for Tommy after that but he is still cocky. Maybe that was a defense mechanism because even though this outward demeanor was still cocky, I think I could see on his face a newfound respect. And good for Tommy not giving in to the other guys and treating new Sean like any other new firefighter.

So for the most part I was happy with Tommy and felt that he was doing many things right. Then we get tot he end and the cliffhanger. It was very disturbing to me. Tommy’s dead brother appears and basically tells Tommy to drown the new baby. And the preview for the next week revealed nothing. However if Tommy hurt the baby in any way I’m done with the show. There is no going back and sympathizing with Tommy Gavin if he follows that road. I can’t see this happening we will be lead to believe that Tommy hurts the baby. He is flawed and a real jerk but wouldn’t do that to a defenseless child.

I also didn’t even like that storyline because there are enough images of child abuse on the news every single night and it hurts my heart to hear about the awful things that people do to their children. Why have a storyline that involves that?

Lou made a big decision and broke up with the Ex-Nun. He also made up with his cousin. Lou had many of the funny lines in this episode.

Mick put Tommy in his place on the phone. I like the no nonsense attitude that Mick brings to the show.

Garrity is a tool. How can he be that stupid.

Mikey is still very messed up.

What will Franco do, he is obviously missing his daughter but she is firmly a part of the life of Susan Sarandon’s character.

All in all the show delivered a powerful episode last night and I am awaiting the resolution of the cliffhanger.

6 Responses to “TV Show: Resuce Me: Seven”

  1. Matt said

    Rescue me is such a good show. I really have to catch up as I haven’t even seen the fourth episode yet.

    Looking forward to the next episodes.

    Great blog by the way!
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Drew said

    Thank you Matt,
    I have watched Rescue Me from the beginning and each season they shock me more and more with how much heart the show has as well as how many things just make me mad and disappointed in Tommy and the other guys. It makes the show more real.

  3. Kersson said

    I haven’t seen such a show, but listening to your words, it seems to me that it contains a lot of violence, isn’t it?

  4. Drew said

    It isn’t the least violent show out there. It is pretty raw though.

  5. Anonymous said

    Just a tad off topic, but I just watched a delightful movie with the grandkids entitled “FireDog”.At the end, the firemen caught an arsonist red handed and I voiced to my wife, “he can thank his God that Tommy Gavin didn’t catch him”.
    Cheers all, great show!

  6. Drew said

    No kidding, if Gavin caught the guy there wouldn’t be much of him left to identify.

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