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FOX, already screwing up New Amsterdam

Posted by BenSpark on August 3, 2007

In a move that only FOX network execs could come up with, they are already putting a stake close to the heart of New Amsterdam (vampire cop show). Fox has already moved the premiere date to January and the show is still in production. However when it comes out it will be on the Friday at 9:00pm time slot. And that would be some holy water and garlic waiting to cleanse New Amsterdam from the network.

I found this article on Sci-Fi wire – Amsterdam Is Benched For Now. And here is a key quote from the article.

Network executives said the move was made in order to improve Fox’s chances in the fall, where it has struggled in recent years.

Could it be that perchance FOX has some responsibility to the failings on the Friday Time slot. For one thing they don’t give shows enough time to build a following, they move shows from time slot to time slot and generally screw things up. If they are going to spend money to make decent show and not just vomit up reality crap then they should spend a little more time on helping those shows succeed. Because it seems to me that no matter what kind of reality train wreck they run there is going to be an audience for those shows. But with shows that are produced with actors and storylines need to be stable in their time slot and given a chance to thrive.

See, even before the show comes on, my interest in it have helped it slowly die.

2 Responses to “FOX, already screwing up New Amsterdam”

  1. Sparky said

    Just another confirmation that FOX is EVIL!

  2. Drew said


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