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TV Show: Rescue Me: Solo & Animal

Posted by BenSpark on August 16, 2007

I am pretty behind on my recaps and thoughts on Rescue Me.

First the Episode titled Solo. Tommy comes home without the baby. This leaves the viewer to wonder exactly what Tommy did with the baby. Janet wants to know as well. Tommy tells her all the possible options and even says that he dropped the baby in the river. But this si Rescue me and we are not going to have out antihero doing something that he could never come back from. Nope Tommy gave the baby to Sheila in exchange for 1/2 million dollars or so. Janet goes nuts and she and tommy fight in the kitchen and eventually Tommy is tossed onto the kitchen table and breaks it. Janet leaves.

The best part of that was the phone call that Tommy makes to the firehouse, that makes for great gossip and speculation for the guys. We needed some comic relief after the opening. But then we are led to believe that Tommy drinks again. He doesn’t but he is so far gone that all the ghosts that he has been seeing for the past several years all give up on him and leave. And Tommy is Solo.

Other parts of this episode that were good was Tommy trashing the apartment trying to save the burning ghost of his brother, he was so messed up. Some of the other ghosts are playing cards and one with his back to us was clearly meant to be Jerry, the Chief.

Tommy’s date was funny, that girl was a mess. Tommy leaving the date to go rescue someone was very cool. And then Gina Gershon giving Tommy the number was funny as the Chief’s daughter is all kerfuffled. When Mick talked to Sean about doing an intervention with Maggie and Sean starts writing his list right away was a riot.

Last night’s episode was awesome. Janet and Tommy’s youngest daughter steal baby Elvis/Wyatt from Sheila. Sheila kicking the car was good. The family AA meeting idea and the whole intervention scene was very funny. Sean taking out notebook after notebook of issues with Maggie. The Cut Scenes to Pops and his lines. Teddy’s wife laying it all out on the line, man that was great.

The tough scenes to take were Mikey spiraling into depression and attempting suicide. However he screws it up and gets razor blade cuts all over his buttocks. That is what I like about this show they can get all serious and turn things on its ear. When Tommy came to check on Mikey was some of the best stuff all season. For one thing Tommy got to rant, and Tommy rants are the best. Allison and I both collectively gasped as he started drinking and smoking. We were shocked. But strangely it felt this we were seeing the real Tommy Gavin again.

When he jumped off the building I was thinking this must be some sort of dream. But what a dramatic way to tell the audience that Tommy was not, in fact, drinking alcohol but rather he replaced the vodka with water. Just an excellent scene between Tommy and Mikey.

Yeah, I am firmly back on the Rescue Me bandwagon.

4 Responses to “TV Show: Rescue Me: Solo & Animal”

  1. Mo said

    Any episode with Lenney Clarke is a gem…I loved most of last night’s episode. But as much as I used to adore Mikey…he’s just getting on my nerves. I’d rather see scenes with Sheila than him really-and that’s saying a lot. It’s just so awkward. I’m glad Franco’s not getting married-that whole thing pisses me off..he should fight for his kid!

  2. Drew said

    Mikey more annoying than Sheila that IS saying a lot. And yeah Franco should fight for his kid.

  3. Mo said

    I would really like to see them write something better for Mikey-he’s been SO annoying this year. Sheila just makes me laugh. The whole thing with the baby, while pathetic, is still a riot! “He HATES YOU!!!” haaaa!

  4. Drew said

    it is just getting more and more ridiculous. I am wondering what they will pull tonight.

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