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Rescue Me: Keefe

Posted by BenSpark on September 6, 2007

Tommy’s crash road to redemption/recovery is just getting crazier. In this episode we we some really weird and wacky stunts pulled by one Tommy Gavin.

There is one episode left to go, the season finale next week. The teaser is leading us to believe that Tommy is going to drink again. I would hate to see that happen. What I think may happen is that Mick is going to fall off the wagon. And the reason I think this is that there have been hints and signs of this throughout the season. And I think that when Mick asked Tommy to go to a real meeting in last night’s episode it was more for Mick’s sake than Tommy’s.

This would be an interesting twist because Mick has been the ever present voice of reason throughout all past seasons. He’s been the stronger moral compass in Tommy’s life but I think that he is struggling with his own addiction as well.

Now the scene I found the most funny last night was the one in the grade school classroom where the desks were all over the place and both Teddy and the cousin (I don’t know his name) were in opposite corners. Mick is calmly explaining that the group needs now to pony up some money for the myriad of damages that they wreaked upon the classroom. And out of all of it Tommy actually has a legitimate question. I nearly peed myself at that scene.

The supporting characters did a bunch of things this episode but their stories are all over the place. Franco and Garity both had random hook ups. Garity apparently had “Beer Goggles” on although I didn’t find the woman that he woke up with that unattractive. She certainly wasn’t the one he was seeing but it wasn’t like she was hideous either. Garity is a mess.

Franco, did he forget to pick up Richard? Is there something that can be salvaged between he and Natalie? Do we care?

Lou, he’s sleeping with his cousin’s girlfriend Latrina. Every time he says the name Allison and I start laughing. That name had to come from Leary. Is Lou so weak about food that he guiltily sleeps with Latrina to prevent her from throwing out some delicious food? Weird.

Black Sean seems to be able to peg people right off the bat, he nailed it with Mikey. And I am sad to see Mikey head down that sort of road. Drinking on the job. However he just wants some respect, he went through his time as a probee. Now he sees black Sean getting more respect than he ever got and Mikey continues to reach out to the guys in the company, the day shift guys take him under their wing. They’re not a good influence and Tommy tries to talk a little sense into Mikey but that was thrown back in his face.

Needles comes up as the voice of reason when Feinberg and Tommy have it out. I think that Feinberg and his whole family is a little nuts. First he is mad at Tommy for not finding his daughter attractive and then he gets angry at him for groping her. Needles comment that you can’t expect to send your daughter out with Jack the Ripper and then complain when she ends up dead. A bit extreme but Tommy is an extreme guy and he is also a womanizer. She for some strange reason Feinberg wanted Tommy to take his daughter out and how could he not know that Tommy was as Tommy is.

Tommy sneaking onto the rig and using Jimmy’s jacket that has been a very interesting storyline. Is Tommy trying to save himself, Mikey, or is he making sure that the drunk firefighters don’t end up killing someone, or is he trying to mess with them so that they stop drinking. I can’t figure it out. Maybe he is doing it intentionally so that Jimmy would come back and appear to him again..

All in all an okay episode. Next week is the finale, we shall see what happens then.

6 Responses to “Rescue Me: Keefe”

  1. Mo said

    “Latrina” is definitely the best name for a character in the history of television! And the way it’s used so casually, without any obvious jokes…it’s perfect comedy!

    I think Tommy’s wearing the Keefe coat because he’s a natural addict…it’s not just the thrill of the rescue – it’s coming thisclose to dying. Like you said-he’s an extremist…so this behavior should surprise no one.

    Mikey has been whiney and pissing me off, and last night was the first time in the history of the show I actually thought he had a pair. Then he blew it by boozing before the fire.

  2. Drew said

    I did a double take the first time I heard the name Latrina. I was like, what, they did not just call her that. That can’t be her name.

    That may be part of it for Tommy but I think there is something a bit more. I missed the part in the episode prior to this one as to why Tommy threw the other guy into the rig and took his coat. I had stepped out of the room and then came back and was like, “Why is Tommy Doing that” Band then realizing that it was because the other guy was very drunk made a lot of sense.

    Didn’t you think the bottle of booze was going to break in the rig and then Tommy would be covered in it and then get in wicked trouble? Well, I thought that.

    Yeah, this whole thing with Mikey and the boozing is weird. Mikey has been a weak character all along. It was good to see him stand up for himself. Then it sucked to see him take a drink before the fire.

  3. anklebiter said

    Hmm I never really got into Rescue Me much. Might have to give it a second chance after reading your blog. Are you a fan of Nip Tuck at all? I only got into that show recently (buying all the DVDs as well as the soon to be released 4th season) so it seems I’m a bit late with the game with more than one show.

  4. Drew said

    I never got into Nip/Tuck but many people that I know have done so.

  5. Elizabeth said

    My husband and I LOVE Rescue Me. And I like the Lou/Latrina storyline because it’s not very often that large people get a sexual relationship storyline. Denis Leary is a genius, and he should have a shelf full of Emmy Awards.

  6. Drew said

    I used to like the mike storyline with the plus size girlfriend till Mikey screwed it up.

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