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Be Part of the Action…

Posted by BenSpark on September 15, 2007

Allison and I attend the annual Jimmy Buffett concert every year. We’ve been doing this for the past 6 years that we have been together. In that time I have seen 7 concerts performed by Jimmy Buffett. And I have met tons of people while tailgating. However I only have photos of them and not me with them.

Not anymore. Now I can take photos with other Parrotheads very easily using my very own XShot. Here is one of Allison and I with a very happy captain.

Photo-A-Day #883b 09/08/07

I have tons of photos that I took at the concert including many XShot ones.

2 Responses to “Be Part of the Action…”

  1. ONwebCHECK said

    Pirates – I bet it would be heaven for my son – everything he want is something which belongs to a pirat.
    I loves to search for a treasure.

  2. Drew said

    If you are looking for Pirates check out my other blog on September 19th.

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