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TV Show: Psych Season Finale: Bounty Hunters

Posted by BenSpark on September 15, 2007

So, tonight was the last episode of PSYCH until January. Psych is one of those shows that I thoroughly enjoy watching. Most importantly it is the dynamic of Shawn and Gus. Their relationship is a fantastic one between a tight-ass and a free spirit.

Tonight’s episode was titled Bounty Hunters and Shawn and Gus had the task of searching for an escaped killer. He took off after head butting O’Hara. also on the case was guest star Kevin Sorbo as a jerk of a Bounty Hunter. He was the boys idol from back in the day, from the flashback at the episodes beginning. I have to agree with TV Squad that Kevin Sorbo’s guest appearance wasn’t the best one this season. His role was that of a real jerk who chased down the bounty and his scenes were very fast paced. But he didn’t bring much to the table, he seemed to be there just so Shawn could explore his vest envy.

I loved the action scenes though and loved the references to Lethal Weapon, the part when Gus says he was retired and Shawn flinched was hilarious. Such a great dynamic between those two guys.

The episode had excellent character development, Lassiter is becoming more human and his attempt to shield Juliette from having to explain her mistake was nice. but having Juliette step up was great growth for her character.

Well, Fridays are freed up and January can’t arrive fast enough. But for the time being there are plenty of Psych Outs on the USA Network’s website.

*Spoiler* Just highlight below.
And I love, love, loved the end scene between Shawn and O’Hara. I was happy not to see them actually kiss. That was a great ending, keep the tension up like moonlighting. And then having O’Hara time herself disassembling her weapon was fantastic. There is no reason to make this relationship really start at this point, I am glad that there was not major kiss a la The Office. That just makes the audience pissed about having to wait till the start of the next season.
*Spoiler End*

Also I have to direct you to TV Squad for a great recap of the show. I love reading their stuff. They even keep a running total of all the 80’s references of an episode.

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