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TV Vehicles: Getting an A-Team Van

Posted by BenSpark on September 15, 2007

Mike Birbiglia just sent out his most recent secret public journal. This time he is in the market to make a van into a replica of the A-Team van. You have to remember that van. To me it is one of the top 10 vehicles in a TV show. It was like its own character too. Although it had no lines like KITT did it was still a character in its own right.

Another vehicle that I always liked was the truck from The Fall Guy. It probably would have been much more useful and easier to hang onto when fighting bad guys had that truck had a ladder rack. Let me explain, Colt Seavers was a stuntman/bounty hunter, he would use his physical skills and knowledge of stunts to capture his bounty and fend of bad guys, but how did he transport all the equipment he needed to build those things to set up stunts. If he had a ladder rack he could have hauled a bunch more stuff in that kick butt GMC 4X4 truck. Colt could have been having some good fights on the top of the ladder rack while the sexy Heather Thomas drove. That would have been cool.

I loved that Show, really, for some reason The Fall guy appealed to me, it was probably the opening song The Unknown Stuntman, that was performed by majors and is actually a hit in Germany. I think Majors and the Hoff need to go on tour in Germany. They could take over the country in a single tour. During that opening theme song the truck did a wicked jump, Heather Thomas appeared in a bikini (okay now I realize why I liked the show) and some really cool stunts happened. I just watched it again and there were at least three jumps with that truck. Sweet. And Heather Thomas still looks as great in that bikini as I remember from when I was between 7 and 12. I watched it for the entire run 1981-1986. I have to check and see if that show is on DVD.

2 Responses to “TV Vehicles: Getting an A-Team Van”

  1. Warhammer said

    Oh yes, the good old A-team van 🙂 . I remember BA turning the steering wheel left and right on a straight road 😀 .

  2. Drew said

    Yeah, I think that was a rule of TV driving, you had to make it “convincing”.

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