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TV Show: Burn Notice: False Flag

Posted by BenSpark on September 19, 2007

This past weekend Allison and I caught up with one of my favorite summer shows, Burn Notice. The show is action packed and very funny as well. I love the characters of Michael Westen, Sam, Fiona, Michael’s mom and his brother. Michael Westen was a spy who was burned, shut out of the spy business because someone had it in for him. I guess the spy game does not make use of things like the 360 degree evaluation. If so then Michael might not have been burned.

During this episode Michael finds himself looking for an abusive father who has abducted his own son. A woman named Evelyn, played by Lucy Lawless is distraught over the loss of her son. Michael, who had a terrible childhood finds that he is influences by that history and he almost makes a fatal mistake.

Evelyn is not who she seems, she is actually an assassin who is after a bounty on the abusive father (He’s not an abusive father he’s a poor guy caught up in something he can’t control and now assassins are after him), she begins to make trouble for Michael. One of the things I like about the show is the voice overs and the subtitles. When Michael goes after the Doug he finds that Doug is not a bad guy and immediately he realizes his mistake, but it is too late. Evelyn is an assassin and Doug is the new client for Michael.

There is also a sub plot going on as there is every show. This time Michael is trying to get identity papers to leave Miami and go to Washington to go after the guy who burned him. But we learn by the end of the episode that it isn’t necessary as that guy is coming to Miami.

During the showdown with Evelyn Michael torches his car, the beautiful piece of machinery that it is. And Evelyn ends up killing herself by falling off a building. she just leans back and falls. A bit anticlimactic as well as depressing. Another guest appearance from the Hercules/Xena alumni that wasn’t stellar.

This week is the 2 hour season finale. This one starts at 9:00pm instead of 10:00pm so set your TIVO/DVR/VCR to make sure you don’t miss a minute. The finale will be explosive as the man who burned Michael makes his way to Miami.

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