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TV Show: Life (Premiere)

Posted by BenSpark on September 27, 2007

Last night after Allison and I went over to Derek and Michelle’s for pizza we got home in time to see the new NBC show called Life. I’m not sure what I was expecting with this show but it was certainly something different and interesting. The main character Charlie Crews is a cop who was wrongly accused and imprisoned for twelve years in a triple homicide case. So for twelve years he was beaten not only by the other inmates because he was a cop and also by the guards because they were sadistic. Every bone in his body was broken and he had one cut that required 24 stitches.

The tag line that was repeated a couple of times int he show was “Life is what he got, and Life was what he got back”. Charlie rose above all the torture from his time in prison and began to learn Zen meditation. While in prison he met his financial adviser, played by with comic genius by Adam Arkin. Once Charlie was released from prison after it was determined that he was falsely accused he received a huge undisclosed settlement. Part of his settlement was that he be able to be a cop again. Charlie is a detective and a good one, he approaches things from a different perspective and can read people well. I liked his character.

Some of my favorite pats from the show was when Charlie was driving his brand new sweet car he kept saying, “I am not attached to this car”. Which turns out to be a good thing because Ted (Adam Arkin) ends up backing a tractor onto it at Charlie’s Orange grove. It could have easily have been a sweet golf cart that Ted could have turned into a bunch of golf cart parts because you often see gold carts and other vehicles like that in an orange grove. Maybe in another episode we will see him touring the place again and eating oranges.

Charlie seemed pretty obsessed with fruit. Almost every scene he was eating a different type of fruit. He was eating pears melons, and an apple. Maybe that was one of the things that he really missed while being on the inside.

TV Squad put up a good review of the episode and they brought up some great points about how the show is a bit different and probably the thing that will keep people coming back is te subplot of Charlie investigating who set him up. And to that, it really could have been anyone. People don’t seem to like Charlie much. Weird.

Also TV Squad compared this show to two other ones that were favorites of mine, Bones and Psych. Read the TV Squad review.

6 Responses to “TV Show: Life (Premiere)”

  1. Patrick said

    I don’t watch much TV but this sounds like a cool premise for a show.

  2. Drew said

    It was pretty interesting as tv shows go.

  3. Meet said

    thats really very nice very interesting

  4. Drew said

    Thanks meet,
    The show is pretty interesting.

  5. Mo said

    I loved this show!! I think it might be my favorite new show of the season…so get ready for it to be canceled!! Ha!

    The fruit thing made me laugh out loud-that’s way too much fiber!! Haa!

  6. Drew said

    Too much fiber.. You kill me. The show was pretty good and yes, it will most likely be canceled.

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