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TV Show: Chuck: Pilot

Posted by BenSpark on October 1, 2007

Chuck Bartowski works for the Nerd Herd. Chuck Bartowski accidentally knows all the secrets of the NSA and CIA. Chuck Bartowski makes $11 an hour.

Lst night Allison and I watched Chuck. We laughed out loud in many parts of the show and enjoyed the ever loving heck out of it. Chuck Bartowski is a guy who accidentally saw an e-mail that his college roommate sent him. His college roommate Bryce was a spy. Bryce in his dying moments sent chuck a top secret e-mail. Chuck views it and after hours in a trance like state he ends up a human computer with all of the secrets of the CIA and NSA. Now both government agencies want Chuck.

To be said, I like action comedies, my favorite shows of the summer were Burn Notice and Psych and Eureka. So I knew I would like Chuck. Throw in that Chuck is a computer nerd who is much smarter than his job but he is not boastful or trying to be smarter, Chuck just is. And there is a great scene where chuck helps a poor inept father get a video of his little girl doing her ballerina recital. The best part is when Chuck tells the young girl, who is embarrassed about being tall, that real ballerinas are tall. That was such a sweet thing to say and Chuck just has that way about him that you can’t help but like his character.

Chuck’s friend Morgan works at the Buy More store with Chuck, he works the floor while Chuck heads up the Nerd Herd (basically a Best Buy and Geek Squad send up). Morgan is really into all the nerd culture. He’s a gamer, into the Internet and is knowledgeable of all things movies and tech. He also seems to have a crush on Chuck’s sister. Chuck lives with his sister and Captain Awesome, her lunk-headed boyfriend who uses awesome in pretty much every sentence.

Things get interesting when Sarah shows up. Sarah is the beautiful agent for the CIA. She needs to get Chuck’s computer. First she meets up with Chuck at Buy More posing as a customer. Later she is dressed as a ninja in Chuck’s sister’s place and is stealing his computer. In one of the funniest scenes Morgan springs into action and starts throwing things at her which she deflects right at Chuck. Eventually Chuck is incapacitated by the deflected items and Morgan makes are run at Sarah with a golf club. Then a shelf falls on her head and she drops the computer and destroys it. I would have thought the hard drive would have survived this but apparently not, convenient. As the shelf drops Chuck says to Morgan, “Didn’t you hang that shelf?” Funny.

Eventually Sarah and Chuck go on a date but they are chased by Casey from the NSA. Casey is played by Adam Baldwin. I certainly hope this show survives just so we can see Baldwin’s scenes.

Eventually things get to an end and Chuck helps Sarah and Casey diffuse a bomb and then tell them that they need him and he is going back to his own life. But both Casey and Sarah will be watching him. Casey even starts working at Buy More. That is going to be funny.

I look forward to more of Chuck. A decent show for the new season.

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