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Eureka: Season Finale + The two before that…

Posted by BenSpark on October 3, 2007

Eureka is one of my favorite summer on a non mainstream network shows. I just love the campy fun of the show. Tonight was the season finale and I am happy to hear that they have been picked up for a third season.

To understand the end we must understand the beginning of this season and the finale from last season. That is to understand everything, not so much to enjoy everything because I think you can easily enjoy the show without the knowledge of some backstory.

Finale last season, Henry’s love of his life Kim is killed in an “accident” on and experiment on the artifact. Henry goes back in time to save her, Carter thwarts that because it caused a temporal rift. However both Henry and Carter have memories from the past. Henry is enraged and blames Carter for stealing his life with Kim.

So Henry makes a device that wipes Carter of his memories. Eventually through the course of the season with all the slams to the noggin that Sheriff Carter takes on a daily basis in Eureka. Well he ends up remembering what happened.

The Henry/Carter relationship this season has been very interesting. They were very good friends very quickly. And Carter considers Henry his best friend. Henry was one of the only smart people who talked to Carter like he wasn’t an idiot. Because when you are the only average intelligence person in a town full of geniuses you are the town idiot. But Henry realizes that Carter is smart in his own ways and is resourceful. But this entire season we knew that Henry blamed Carter for taking him away from Kim. That is until he found out that Beverly was responsible for Kim’s “accidental” death.

I was saddened to see Henry sink so deep into despair and obsession over the death of Kim. While it was good to see a death taken seriously on TV. Usually someone dies and that’s it they are no longer important. Henry couldn’t move past Kim’s death and he obsessively looked for an explanation behind it.

The last two episodes we see Henry put GD into lockdown over an airborne virus that wasn’t real. However the security system was real and it tried to kill the people infiltrating the complex to save Allison and Kevin, namely Taggart, Carter and Stark. On the outside at Carter’s house were Zoe, Jo, Zane and Fargo. Straitlaced no nonsense Jo utters the funniest line of the show, “There is plenty of backdoor access for everyone!” as things begin to get heated between Fargo and Zane. I think I nearly spit out my drink when I heard that.

The supercomputer at GD learns and mimics Fargo’s voice in an attempt to lure the rescue team somewhere that it can kill them. The team figures this out and are off to rescue Allison and Kevin.

Henry is really there to save Kevin because his attachment to the Akashi (sp) field will kill him but with this “transporter” that just happened to be in the GD director’s office Henry can put Kevin in it and separate him from the field. In theory. This will save his life but all of the advancement that Kevin has undergone because he was one with the field will be gone. Kevin will probably return to being autistic. But he will be alive and that is more important. Allison knows that trapped inside Kevin’s mind is probably one of the most intelligent people in Eureka.

In the end Henry is arrested for his crimes and Beverly uses the transporter to escape (?). Allison and Kevin are okay and so is Stark. However Allison kept much from Carter and so there is going to be a rift there in next season. Stark seems to have found some respect for Carter through this ordeal and he still loves Allison.

I should probably re-watch this season because many things happened throughout and as always this show was entertaining.

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