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I should "Go Slow"..

Posted by BenSpark on October 5, 2007

The Mad Gringo, here’s a guy who is doing things the right way. He is Going Slow. The Mad Gringo started off as anyone else in the Rat Race, angry about traffic, taxes and the other stresses of life. so he went to Mexico and tried to find himself. Instead he found an oyster shucking man and a bottle of Tequila. In one of those Aha moments the Mad Gringo stumbled upon what his purpose would be. And that would be to sell hawaiian shirts to other Mad Gringos. You see, we all have a Mad Gringo within ourself, that crazy voice that says, go for it, go for your dreams. But also Go slow, slow down, take it easy life is to important to be so stressed out that you miss it.

As for the shirts, they are pretty sweet. I go to a Jimmy Buffett concert each year and both the Hawaiian shirts and the Mad Gringo Logo T-shirts would make people stop and ask where I got them, they are that interesting and unique. I love the logo of a pineapple skull and crossbones. A perfect blend for the logo of this company very very unique. Check it out.

There are many more products at the Mad Gringo as well. I even like the car stickers that they have made, you know, the European type ones with airport codes. The Mad Gringo’s says MAD. There is a great one that says, go slow or Die Corporate. If you go slow you take the time for things that are important like sunsets and sunrises, because everyday there are less of them. I’ll be ordering my stickers after I finish this post. And I dug around the Mad Gringo’s trunk for some of his closeout products. The shirts are beautiful and there are also Pareos and Sarongs for the ladies.

Even though the Mad Gringo is going slow he has a ton of product and you are sure to find a shirt to fall in love with. go ahead have your own unsanctioned Hawaiian shirt Friday it’ll be worth it to be in calm cool comfort for a day in the office.

Heed the Mad Gringo’s words. “Go slow or Die Corporate”.

Mad Gringo also has a blog and I subscribed tot hat as well, many great posts about going slow. I’ll be using my Sticker on my Car and in my cubicle to show that I “Go Slow”.

I decided to explore the Mad Gringo site further and I found the closeout section where you can buy 2 shirts and get one free. I ordered 3 shirts and two t-shirts as well and shipping on orders over $70.00 is free. And I had a question so I e-mailed the Mad Gringo. He got right back to me right away. I am totally impressed with the customer service. I will be back there for all future Hawaiian shirt.

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