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TV Show: The Office: Dunder-Mifflin Infinity

Posted by BenSpark on October 5, 2007

So, the new boss is Ryan, well we knew that already. And Ryan settles into the role of corporate jerk very easily. He comes in with a bunch of new ideas and Michael learns the meaning behind ageism and then of course blows it all to hell.

I have been enjoying the hour long format of The Office this season. I think I will be left wanting more when it goes back to 1/2 hour. Is it going back to 1/2 hour? In this episode we learn what Dunder-Mifflin Infinity is all about. This is Ryan’s new business plan to get the aging company into the 21st century. Everyone gets a blackberry and the company is going to revamp the logo. Ryan asks Pam to do it and also hits on her at the same time. He wasn’t at the Office early enough to get the memo that Toby sent out about Public Displays of Affection.

So the Office now knows about Jim and Pam, Michael is so happy for them. Phylis practically accuses Pam of giving Jim all the best customers and kinda calls her a slut. Someone called Pam the office mattress. honestly the things that these folks say. Well, while one relationship is blossoming another died in the freezer with Sprinkles. Angela dumps Dwight.

Dwight is so crushed that he goes with Michael on his quixotic quest to entice customers back to Dunder-Mifflin with… Giant Ass gift bags. These things were huge. Michael rented a car, his must be int he shop after hitting Meredith. So as he is going from company to company he is following a GPS unit. And in pure Michael Scott form he follows the literal direction of the GPS and drives into a lake. “Technology tried to drown me” Seriously , is anyone that stupid?

While the show is still very funny, it is often cringe worthy for the Michael Scott dunderheaded moments of being so clueless.

2 Responses to “TV Show: The Office: Dunder-Mifflin Infinity”

  1. Gally said

    I heard that there are only like 5 episodes that are keeping this hour-long format, then it goes back to a normal half-hour. I was wondering the same thing, because I want to know when Scrubs comes back. As much as I love the Office, I also want to see Scrubs.

    Yeah, I’ll miss the hour-long format. Oh, and Angela’s the one who called Pam the office mattress.

  2. Drew said

    Oh that Angela, so two faced. she is nice to Pam when she wants something. I can’t wait for Scrubs to come back either, but scrubs is going to be on its last season.

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